The Art of Melancholia

A.J Jennings

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The youngest son in an old aristocratic family, Charles d'Artois, sick and tired of the mundanity of his life, murders his abusive father. Inheriting his ancestral titles and marrying into the prestigious House de Rohan, Charles is thrust into the heights of an aristocratic society where his social station should be secure. However, his introverted and aloof demeanor, couple with rumors of mental instability caused by a past marred by violence and loss, he finds himself a pariah among his peers. Desperate to reclaim his lost dignity and gain control, embracing the role society has given him, he orchestrates a calculated smear campaign against himself to instill fear and respect into the hearts of those who scorned him. But facades come with a price in a world where perception is reality. Just as he believes himself secure, Charles's estranged brother resurfaces, threatening to unravel everything he worked hard to achieve. As his reputation spirals out of his control, the lines between truth and fiction blur, and the consequences of his actions become increasingly dire, Charles's carefully crafted image crumbles as he finds himself trapped in a world of intrigue and betrayal that he no longer can control.
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