The TWIN Sister Book to Ambys 🏆 2023 Winner HereAfter Dark © censored to comply with the new Wattpad Standards. Winner of the 2023 Amby's 🏆 Best Mystery/Thriller Novel CARTER CHEVAL, the Anchor and lead investigative journalist on the After Dark TV program has everything to live for now, having won the love of his life LAYLA, yet finds himself dead in the HereAfter. Gunned down in a seemingly senseless shooting, he is shown a movie of his life on Earth which is all a lie. He enlists the help of a ghostly figure, TEACHER, to try and save his friends and family from a similar fate. So Carter, a ghost on a mission, from the HereAfter must use the information from his life movie to disentangle the web of lies surrounding his life and death. He must try to exact his revenge, and save his family and friends before the protection of Vatican Secrets results in them all prematurely joining him in the afterlife. His only chance to stop these evil forces is to get his recently revealed biological father, PETER, now a high priest and Keeper of Secrets in the Vatican, to kill for him. However, this seemingly impossible task becomes easier after an epic spirit battle between them. The possibility of Carter’s spirit being stuck in his father's body wasn't exactly part of the plan to make his father ultimately pay for any part he played in the conspiracy and perhaps even in Carter's own murder.

Welcome to Cognito. We're all Monsters here... (A short story that may turn into a full novel at a later time)

A short story continuation about what really happened to Alice…

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Angelica is an introvert who enjoys spending time alone, but she doesn't like being alone at night. Since she was fifteen, she has been plagued by nightmares that seem to be connected to crimes in her city. Despite her parents taking her to see a psychologist many times, the nightmares persist. ✷✷✷ Meanwhile, a dedicated young detective named Adam has been transferred to a small town where a killer is on the loose. While conducting his investigation, he encountered a peculiar college girl who confided in him about things she had never shared with anyone before. Will Angelica discover how her nightmares are connected to the crimes, and will Adam succeed in locating the killer? What will happen when two divergent worlds come together?

AbHztemia Facility has selected humans to become Successors of the Hztemia world, but at what cost? Through trial and error over the past centuries, only forty-seven Successors have risen. This is a collection of the Successors within the AbHztemia Files- who they are, where they are from, what occurred that made them a Successors, and the possible dangers they pose not only on Earth but to Hztemia itself.

"What If You Don't Know Your Secret?" In the gripping thriller, "Anna's Secret," a 17-year-old girl named Anna, her calm life becomes fearful when a strange person enters her world. Anna gets annoyed with him following her around and she soon discovers that he keeps a secret about her which can shake her world. At the same time, heartbreaking murders begin across the city. An FBI agent named Michael is engaged, endeavouring to catch the person responsible for these crimes, but he doesn't know his investigation might be related to the mystery surrounding Anna. As days go by, Anna's reality becomes confusing, making her doubt her feelings. Is she just imagining the things the stranger said, or are they true? And could her secrets be linked to the terrible events in the city? Anna digs deeper into the mysteries surrounding her, and the lines between truth and lies, sanity and confusion, start to blur. She faces many dangers on her journey, making her wonder about everything she thought she knew about herself and her past. In "Anna's Secret," things are not what they seem, and reality is always being put to the test. This thrilling story will keep readers on the edge of their seats, making them question what they believe about truth and the secret things that shape our lives.

Arkham, late 1983. Everyone knew deep down that Arkham was cursed, but no one would say it out loud. There was the occasional disappearance, murder, and the 'animal' sightings. But it was not frequent so most people wouldn't think about it much. Under Arkham the last threshold starts to fail, allowing more beings to cross through at once. Soon the town is in a bloodbath all-out war. Father Seymour has been preparing his life for this moment and prays that it's not too late. Calling on Jonathan, an old friend, and Iris Wilson, a mysterious woman who showed up claiming she wanted to help. Can they save Arkham before it fails? Or is it too late? New chapter every Monday!

There is little she won't do to prove her innocence. Everna had everything she could want in life; a loving family, a stable job, and the relative peace of a small town on the outskirts of the kingdom of Inverness, but peace is a fragile thing so easily shattered. Framed and condemned for the murder of Mayor Arden Ashburn, Everna faces execution for treason. When the mysterious group known as Shadowguard convinces the High Court to forestall her judgment, Everna has one chance to unravel the mystery behind Mayor Ashburn's murder and prove her innocence. All the while, her enemies remain hidden in the shadows and one step ahead of her. What began with a seemingly politically motivated murder quickly becomes a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Everna thought she could handle it, but she soon finds it's not so easy to keep her head up when someone's looking to remove it. _____ Book 1 of the Shadowguard Series Edited | Revised

Plagued by dreams of a place she's never seen, eighteen year old Penelope Jane Smith doesn't understand what's happening to her. Until she and her mother go visit her aunt in the English countryside. As soon as Penelope sees the old manor house, she knows something or someone has invaded her dreams, calling to her subconsciously. There Penelope learns of a dark secret and discovers her psychic abilities to help the very person who needs her the most. WARNING THIS STORY DEALS WITH FRIGHTENING IMAGES AND MENTIONS SUICIDE AND MURDER.

In late spring, a tornado sweeps through the idyllic mining town of Paradise, Texas. On the same day, seventeen-year-old Cindy Ackerman doesn't arrive home. As the mystery over her whereabouts deepens, Nick Brennan's curiosity for the girl from his school morphs into obsession. Why can't they find her? How far is Nick willing to go to help? What if each new clue points towards him? And if he knows more about the night Cindy never came home, why can't he remember? Everyone has a story. One has a secret. Copyright 2020 S J James

The New World has been the last peaceful and resourceful country for nearly two hundred years. Or at least that's what they say. Samantha Ivory has been living a boring average life in an old town with lots of history. That is, until the news of a carnival coming to town ignites new excitement. This carnival promises a night of fun for everyone. There are games, promising rewards, and food that no one has ever seen or tasted before. But what if this carnival isn't what it seems to be? And who are these people that have come into her town? Can Sam figure it out before it's too late, or will she get stuck playing a game she never wanted to play?

I have no memories of my mother. When I was little, I'd have dreams about her. But, unfortunately, I cannot remember much of the dreams anymore. My father doesn't talk about her, it's as if, even after all this time, the grief is still consuming him. Lost in his own grief, he locked away every trace of her & refused to speak of her with anyone. Because I had so few memories of her, I used to ask him about the woman we had both lost, but the old pain would simply overwhelm him anew and the last thing I wanted to do is hurt him any further, so I stopped asking. That was until a year ago, when I was searching the attic for treasure when I found a portrait of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. My Mother. Her snow white skin, her blonde, almost a white platinum hair, her smile that seemed to light up the world around her, & my own blue eyes that reflected back at me. Now her face haunts my dreams. I knew that if my father saw it, he would hide it away, just like how he hides everything else. It feels like everything in my life is a secret. My mother, even my own relatives, this house that I was born in. But what scares me isn't the voices I hear at night when I'm trying to sleep. The faint whispers, calling out to me, calling for me. It's not even the feeling of eyes on me at all times, it's not even that my father doesn't believe me. What scares me is the notes I've started finding. - Aisha Stay tuned for a thrilling tale of Mystery, Vengeance, & Tragedy.

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In a covert facility, Dr. Einar Fiske oversees experiments involving a mysterious chip implanted in a boy. As curious eyes within the facility seek to uncover the chip's secrets, one observer's fascination with the boy hints at a deeper, unspoken intrigue. That intrigue will end up being his problem that he never knew existed, until she walked in into that bar. Her world crumbled, the foundations of her beliefs fading away as she discovered a reality hidden in plain sight all along. The once-boy, now a man, is determined to rescue his mentor, his creator, at any cost. Forcing the girl to assist him, he begins to question not only his purpose but also the training that shaped him. An adventure lies ahead, laden with challenges waiting to be faced. However, as they embark on their quest for truth, can they overcome the hurdles that stand in their way? While he relentlessly pursues his mentor, she reluctantly seeks the truth, both entwined in an unforeseen adventure that will test them.

This story is about Bella, a freshman at Oakwood university full of hope to start a new life full of excitement till she meets Lacy, the calm and shy boy who will change her life to Hell. The story follow her and how she deals with the situations that gets thrown to her by the people she met.

For what reason does one wake up every day? People had always thought the life of ISAAC RUIZ couldn't be more perfect. Everything he wanted, he would get with his money and influence. What anyone didn't know was his real motivation to keep on living -- something that was silly for others, but a salvation for him. For office employee FLORENCE VILLENA, there was no longer any meaning to his existence. Nothing could fill the void he had been experiencing inside him anymore, and he was convinced the world was better off without him in it. At 28 years old, LAURENCE VILLEGAS had a lot of reasons to wish to just sleep forever. Since losing his home and family, the universe had rarely been kind to him. And yet, he chose to survive, time and again, if only for the hope of seeing his life get a little better. On Friday the thirteenth of January 2023, fates began to entangle as Laurence died, Florence killed himself, and Isaac lost his reason to live. Nine months after the incidents, a new dawn fell upon those three lives when a dead man's soul reawakened in someone else's body. Set in a fictional Asian City called Perlientas. Mature topics: deaths, including self-killing (actual scene not depicted), mental health and other social issues

Vicar Andrews is avoiding his brother's funeral by hiding upstairs in the family house, rifling through the boxes that will inevitably go to an estate sale, when he discovers a journal far too old to be his brother's. Possessed by curiosity and eagre for the distraction from the guests he's supposed to console, Vicar finds himself lost in the world of the journal's owner, Winn Peterson - a resident at his very house one hundred years ago. As he loses himself in her increasingly disturbing recollection of events within the house, the similarities between their situations grow to an incoincidental degree. The sudden appearance of the doctor in both Winn's life and his late brother's, as well as the rapid decline of their respective states of health, prove a worrying trend in the dark history of the Andrews Estate. Battling the traumatic memories of his own turbulent past, Vicar begins to suspect that the connection between his brother's death and the unfortunate fate of Winn Peterson are tied together by something far more sinister than a suspicious doctor. A story travelling through time, memories, and diary entries

Conjure a demon to catch a killer? That's Appalachian witch Ellie's last remaining hope to solve a two year old cold case that haunts her nightmares. She's still grieving her late fiancé, but the few Boone residents that don't think she killed him herself have given up on finding the murderer. Kazerin, on the other hand, is not prepared for what awaits him when he answers Ellie's request. He's used to bargaining for lust or power, not closure, and he's a little nervous about what feelings stir up the longer he's around Ellie. Their feelings only entangle further the longer that Kaz stays in town, pretending to be Ellie's new fiancé as a cover for investigating the murder. Follow Ellie and Kaz in an alternate history where Others-- demons, vampires, angels, shifters, and many more beings-- roam the earth, magic is alive and burning bright, and blood runs deeper than just our ancestry. BLOOD BARGAIN is Book #1 in the Appalachian Magic companion book series. Each story can be read as a standalone, but some characters and locations recur.

Trapped in the cursed confines of Willow Manor, a group of friends finds themselves thrust into a nightmarish journey across time and space. Emily, Sarah, Michael, Olivia, Thomas, Daniel, and Rachel must unravel the mysteries of the manor and confront malevolent forces from the past to secure their freedom. As they navigate through different eras, they uncover dark secrets, face terrifying entities, and forge unexpected alliances. With time running out and danger lurking at every turn, they must rely on their friendship and courage to break the curse that binds them to Willow Manor before it's too late. Will they uncover the truth and find a way back to their own time, or will they be forever trapped in the darkness of Willow Manor?

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