How long is a lifetime? To Luc, it is eternal. Endless and excruciatingly meaningless. His existence on Earth serves as a punishment for the sins he has committed. Immortality is his shackle. It would forever be that way if Luc didn't stumble upon Aida, a young girl who is kidnapped from her motherland and sold as a slave. Luc's impulsive decision to take her home turns his world upside down and brings him something Luc would never expect... *This story is original fiction with Luc as the main character, set in an alternative Victorian era. It is intended to be the prequel/spin-off to 'Until The End Of Time', where Luc played a major part toward the end. Slavery is depicted but not the focal point. Cover made by me with the help of WOMBO Dream+Canva I appreciate every read, vote, and comment!

A song inspired by a visit to Gettysburg way back in 1976. The Bi-Centennial year for the USA. I visited at the insistence of my friend and fellow traveler, Michael. He was in the Army Reserve in our hometown Sydney, Australia. Michael planned our trip itinerary so many historical military sites were naturally included. Gettysburg, although I'd heard of it I doubt it would have been a must see for me save for Michael. It had a profound effect on me to this day. When my friend in Perth Stoney Martin was asked by a friend in Texas to write a song with Texas mentioned in the lyrics. Stoney and I thought that the USA may be headed for another civil war and we both thought we could come up with an anti-war protest song about the Civil War. I set down some words in 2020 In the middle of the Covid madness. Covid and Facebook restrictions took precedence over songwriting for us both. Stoney concentrated on his own music as a retired professional musician. Meanwhile, I got out my, now old, Casio Keyboard and finally resolved to learn to play the piano. In 2023 I decided to come back to writing and renew my interest in my HereAfter Series of books. I also decided to make a book of the lyrics to our protest song.

I have no memories of my mother. When I was little, I'd have dreams about her. But, unfortunately, I cannot remember much of the dreams anymore. My father doesn't talk about her, it's as if, even after all this time, the grief is still consuming him. Lost in his own grief, he locked away every trace of her & refused to speak of her with anyone. Because I had so few memories of her, I used to ask him about the woman we had both lost, but the old pain would simply overwhelm him anew and the last thing I wanted to do is hurt him any further, so I stopped asking. That was until a year ago, when I was searching the attic for treasure when I found a portrait of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. My Mother. Her snow white skin, her blonde, almost a white platinum hair, her smile that seemed to light up the world around her, & my own blue eyes that reflected back at me. Now her face haunts my dreams. I knew that if my father saw it, he would hide it away, just like how he hides everything else. It feels like everything in my life is a secret. My mother, even my own relatives, this house that I was born in. But what scares me isn't the voices I hear at night when I'm trying to sleep. The faint whispers, calling out to me, calling for me. It's not even the feeling of eyes on me at all times, it's not even that my father doesn't believe me. What scares me is the notes I've started finding. - Aisha Stay tuned for a thrilling tale of Mystery, Vengeance, & Tragedy.

The youngest son in an old aristocratic family, Charles d'Artois, sick and tired of the mundanity of his life, murders his abusive father. Inheriting his ancestral titles and marrying into the prestigious House de Rohan, Charles is thrust into the heights of an aristocratic society where his social station should be secure. However, his introverted and aloof demeanor, couple with rumors of mental instability caused by a past marred by violence and loss, he finds himself a pariah among his peers. Desperate to reclaim his lost dignity and gain control, embracing the role society has given him, he orchestrates a calculated smear campaign against himself to instill fear and respect into the hearts of those who scorned him. But facades come with a price in a world where perception is reality. Just as he believes himself secure, Charles's estranged brother resurfaces, threatening to unravel everything he worked hard to achieve. As his reputation spirals out of his control, the lines between truth and fiction blur, and the consequences of his actions become increasingly dire, Charles's carefully crafted image crumbles as he finds himself trapped in a world of intrigue and betrayal that he no longer can control.

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