Assorted writings and poems

A song inspired by a visit to Gettysburg way back in 1976. The Bi-Centennial year for the USA. I visited at the insistence of my friend and fellow traveler, Michael. He was in the Army Reserve in our hometown Sydney, Australia. Michael planned our trip itinerary so many historical military sites were naturally included. Gettysburg, although I'd heard of it I doubt it would have been a must see for me save for Michael. It had a profound effect on me to this day. When my friend in Perth Stoney Martin was asked by a friend in Texas to write a song with Texas mentioned in the lyrics. Stoney and I thought that the USA may be headed for another civil war and we both thought we could come up with an anti-war protest song about the Civil War. I set down some words in 2020 In the middle of the Covid madness. Covid and Facebook restrictions took precedence over songwriting for us both. Stoney concentrated on his own music as a retired professional musician. Meanwhile, I got out my, now old, Casio Keyboard and finally resolved to learn to play the piano. In 2023 I decided to come back to writing and renew my interest in my HereAfter Series of books. I also decided to make a book of the lyrics to our protest song.

How do you undo memories? If it are the dark nights that painted you in the shape of a person? Is it okay to erase everything? Even if it means the good and the bad? This poetry collection explores themes of growing up, letting go and finding a new person behind the paint.

My little book of poetry that mainly resonates with events in my life and just random poems too.

Some amateur poetry that lightens my heart =3

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