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Novels are my forte, but variety is the spice of life, after all. This is where I'll dump all my short stories when I feel like combing through my files.

After failing her education program and losing her factory job, Moragen is running low on options. Hoping to get away from her debt and the shadowy man following her, she signs up to join the hivemind army that defends the city of Ratheme. As a hivemind soldier, she can let someone else take control. But there’s something wrong with Moragen’s link to the hive. She’d be happy to ignore it, if there weren’t also something off about the war with the Nemerites. And secrets among her teammates. And something seriously wrong with the captain controlling them. Investigation leads to the shocking revelation that the enemy is not what they seem, and that humanity is in more danger than anyone could have imagined. But if Moragen’s team can’t learn to trust one another, no one will be able to stop what’s coming.

Death was once something I feared, an illusion that brought darkness with it, but now I plead for its mercy in this time that survivors have come to call, The New Order. ••• It was only a cough to began with, something so simple, it had happened a thousand times before, but with in a few days it was so much more then just a mere cough, it become lethal, and it spread like wildfire. Twenty year old, Naseria Friedelinde never thought she would be alive to see the world that she grew up with, collapse right before her very eyes, but on the 22rd of August, that was the new harsh reality that she was unexpectedly thrust into, along with her fourteen year old sister, Eliana. They didn't know how or why the virus had spread and affected everyone they once knew, but Naseria knew that she needed to get her sister as far away from the other people as quickly as possible. But being stuck in the middle of the city was going to make that a tricky situation to get around. And it didn't help that the virus turned its victims into something else, something they couldn't just run or hide from, something that craved chaos, a creature that sort out death.

A short story continuation about what really happened to Alice…

Lists the History Of Achievement of Literary Awards, Reviews, and General Accolades from fellow Writers and Readers, categorised by Book.

AbHztemia Facility has selected humans to become Successors of the Hztemia world, but at what cost? Through trial and error over the past centuries, only forty-seven Successors have risen. This is a collection of the Successors within the AbHztemia Files- who they are, where they are from, what occurred that made them a Successors, and the possible dangers they pose not only on Earth but to Hztemia itself.

Jonathan Hendrix is your typical high-school nerd. Very creative, loves military history, and has a massive Lego Star Wars and army men collection. He's smart, detailed, and organized. However, he's also insecure due to his skinny frame and his status as a 'nice guy' in the hierarchy of high school social norms. All of that changes one day. While our fearless nerd is celebrating surviving another day of high school, the spaceships of the Hoo-Meerian Matchmaking Empire appear in Earth's skies. Massive blue teleportation beams are fired from their warships, separating the young from the old into Matchvilles, and Jonathan is put next to Helen Grant. Who is this fair maiden? Well, his crush! Will Jonathan be able to adapt and survive being in such close proximity to the girl he admires? More importantly, will he able to rise up and find a way to free his planet from the cringey rom-com-style tyranny of the Hoo-Meerians?

1500 word science fiction story for a competition The story takes characters from the HereAfter Series and twists the Prologue from Book 2 into a Sci Fi short story some elements of which, may or may not make an appearance, down the track, in Book 2.

LIBERALITY    HUMILITY    KINDNESS     ABSTINENCE    CHASTITY     PATIENCE    DILIGENCE         The Seven Contrary Virtues. Each one protects us from a specific Deadly Sin. Together they save Mankind from damnation, dispelling the evil our sinning wreaks.         In the Age of Enlightenment, Mankind has discovered Genius. With two simple tests, not only can a person find out if they are a Genius, but they also will be told what they're a Genius at. Sometimes though, the first test results in a 'false positive,' where it can't be determined what kind of Genius the person is. These people are called Dots and, through some strange twist of fate, all the world hates Dots.         Hank is one such loser Dot, but others disagree. They think he's their Savior. An insidious battle is ensuing and, through a series of seven Light Novels, Hank assembles his Apostles--ardent followers who believe in him, and propel him towards his destiny.         He had better hurry. Bad Guys have a use for what they know Dots can do, and they'll stop at nothing to achieve their goal, even if it means killing millions of innocent people.         This doesn't concern Hank one bit. He'll cause the death of billions.         He has no other choice.         Read DOTS now, and find out how Hank somehow saves the world.

**The fates of a barista, a dancing criminal, and a deadly stranger become tangled in a world where the apocalypse is old news** All Mads Capot wants to do is run her coffee shop in peace and to be able to pay her bills until the next wave of intragalactic tourists arrives. But when a mysterious green-eyed stranger walks into the shop and seems to be the answer to all her problems, she's immediately skeptical. And her instincts have always been good . . . Luc is mysterious and adaptable, a drifter with a dark past and a score to settle with one of the galaxy's most infamous criminals. When he crosses paths with Mads, he inadvertently draws her into a complicated world of outlaws, renegades, and ancient curses existing on the fringe of a destroyed world. Can they put aside their differences to survive, or will they end up as two more nameless corpses? CW: PG13 level violence, language, sexual themes, and vague mentions of past abuse, etc

When Iolla Kecky makes water levitate during a Chemistry lesson, her innocent life as a student is smashed into smithereens. Unbeknownst to her, she was experimented on as a child, and it's related to her unusual eye colours. To make matters worse, not only was the successful result of the experiment leaked, there is a bounty of 5 million dollars for the capture of all seemingly random five teenagers who took the dose, in order to remove the cell from their bodies and sell it at a black market auction. The only way to save themselves is if they all work together. Except not everyone is on board, and a dangerous enemy is picking them off. The only person who can help them is the person that did this to them to begin with. If they don't, their powers will get out of control, and they risk assassins around the world acquiring their powers and using it to cause chaos. Turns out, ending up as stew in the black market is only the tip of the iceberg.

A battle-hardened war hero embarks on a perilous quest to cleanse the streets of Paris of a sinister threat. *** Captain Phoebus de Chateaupers returns home after years of war to find Paris in a state of fear and the girl he was supposed to marry horribly slain. By order of the highest official and driven by a vow of vengeance, he sets out to dispose of the demon prowling the city at night and its masters. But as the decorated Captain and his loyal cyborg-squire venture into the ever-growing mystery surrounding the fiendish killer, the creatures known only from legend and the very facade of Notre-Dame awaken. The line between monster and man blurs as there is more to this demon than Phoebus was led to believe, and the question arises - what is the true terror haunting Paris?

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