Welcome to Cognito. We're all Monsters here... (A short story that may turn into a full novel at a later time)

They said it would be a relaxing week in the woods with friends. Graham thought returning home for the first time in eight years would be the hardest thing he'd have to do. Surrounded by whispers and gossip, he was more than eager to exchange the quiet a Pennsylvanian town for a luxury cabin in the woods. The group of college students had planned a celebration of sorts to send off two of their friends who would be leaving the continent on a research mission. At least, that's all it was meant to be, until someone went missing. Now, they'll deal with the whispers and shadows of the forest.

A woman and her dead dog. Trigger Warning: It's all right there. Don't say I didn't warn y'all

Arkham, late 1983. Everyone knew deep down that Arkham was cursed, but no one would say it out loud. There was the occasional disappearance, murder, and the 'animal' sightings. But it was not frequent so most people wouldn't think about it much. Under Arkham the last threshold starts to fail, allowing more beings to cross through at once. Soon the town is in a bloodbath all-out war. Father Seymour has been preparing his life for this moment and prays that it's not too late. Calling on Jonathan, an old friend, and Iris Wilson, a mysterious woman who showed up claiming she wanted to help. Can they save Arkham before it fails? Or is it too late? New chapter every Monday!

Plagued by dreams of a place she's never seen, eighteen year old Penelope Jane Smith doesn't understand what's happening to her. Until she and her mother go visit her aunt in the English countryside. As soon as Penelope sees the old manor house, she knows something or someone has invaded her dreams, calling to her subconsciously. There Penelope learns of a dark secret and discovers her psychic abilities to help the very person who needs her the most. WARNING THIS STORY DEALS WITH FRIGHTENING IMAGES AND MENTIONS SUICIDE AND MURDER.

After civilization is propelled in a new direction, a cheap, no-frills way of housing the dead is required. A relatively humane solution to a world-wide inconvenience was born in the form of Zombie Park. Compound owners were hero-worshiped, and dubbed America's next generation of forefathers. Miles is a pen-keeper at the weirdest zoo on the planet. In co-charge of the Raptors, Gnashers and New Converts, something unexpected appears on his manifest, and he's forced to face the past he ran from. But times have changed, haven't they? Can you be held responsible for decisions taken to ensure your survival? Would Miles' dead ex-girlfriend think otherwise? ©Copyright 2021 S J James Cover from Canva template - meiyuanstudio

Thorn wants revenge for his brother's near death at the hands of a healer who turned them away. This leads to kidnapping, betrayal, and Kali running for her life. Aside from traditional "this is written by a horror writer" Warnings include; crushed bones, cannibalism, blood, death, an organ-eating moment, and taxidermy mention, this story also features emotional abuse and family trauma so tread with caution

The world of Zenshou is vast, and the characters have their own lives outside of their individual stories. Short stories revolving around characters in the world including Kali, Spike, Thorn, and Thistle of The Sorceress's Murderous Companion, and soon to be other stories set in the world. Contains elements of body horror, eco horror, soft moments between characters, eventually a story about a pop up tea shop is in the works.

Welcome, monsters, to the inaugural issue of Notes in the Margins of Nightmares, a zine written/edited by T.L. Bodine. Step inside for a taste of dark fiction, an exploration of horror history, writing advice, and more...

Vicar Andrews is avoiding his brother's funeral by hiding upstairs in the family house, rifling through the boxes that will inevitably go to an estate sale, when he discovers a journal far too old to be his brother's. Possessed by curiosity and eagre for the distraction from the guests he's supposed to console, Vicar finds himself lost in the world of the journal's owner, Winn Peterson - a resident at his very house one hundred years ago. As he loses himself in her increasingly disturbing recollection of events within the house, the similarities between their situations grow to an incoincidental degree. The sudden appearance of the doctor in both Winn's life and his late brother's, as well as the rapid decline of their respective states of health, prove a worrying trend in the dark history of the Andrews Estate. Battling the traumatic memories of his own turbulent past, Vicar begins to suspect that the connection between his brother's death and the unfortunate fate of Winn Peterson are tied together by something far more sinister than a suspicious doctor. A story travelling through time, memories, and diary entries

Everett Donovan and his wife, Dahlia recently suffered a major loss, their baby daughter, Nora died from pneumonia. It's a struggle for all your of them. But their thirteen year old son, Kyle, seems to feel it most of all. Wanting to get away from everything, Everett takes his grief stricken family away for several weeks during the summer to an old, abandoned house. Things seem to start getting better, until one night, Kyle mentions the girl in the house. Neither Everett or Dahlia believe him until they see the girl themselves. Suddenly, strange events start happening, doors opening and closing by themselves. Stuff disappearing and returning in odd places. And sometimes, the girl starts crying because she wants her parents. Everett, Dahlia and Kyle realize that they have to discover the truth of the girl's mysterious death and help her move on. WARNING THIS STORY DEALS WITH INFANT DEATH AND FRIGHTENING IMAGES, CHILD DEATH AND ALCOHOLISM.

Trapped in the cursed confines of Willow Manor, a group of friends finds themselves thrust into a nightmarish journey across time and space. Emily, Sarah, Michael, Olivia, Thomas, Daniel, and Rachel must unravel the mysteries of the manor and confront malevolent forces from the past to secure their freedom. As they navigate through different eras, they uncover dark secrets, face terrifying entities, and forge unexpected alliances. With time running out and danger lurking at every turn, they must rely on their friendship and courage to break the curse that binds them to Willow Manor before it's too late. Will they uncover the truth and find a way back to their own time, or will they be forever trapped in the darkness of Willow Manor?

A battle-hardened war hero embarks on a perilous quest to cleanse the streets of Paris of a sinister threat. *** Captain Phoebus de Chateaupers returns home after years of war to find Paris in a state of fear and the girl he was supposed to marry horribly slain. By order of the highest official and driven by a vow of vengeance, he sets out to dispose of the demon prowling the city at night and its masters. But as the decorated Captain and his loyal cyborg-squire venture into the ever-growing mystery surrounding the fiendish killer, the creatures known only from legend and the very facade of Notre-Dame awaken. The line between monster and man blurs as there is more to this demon than Phoebus was led to believe, and the question arises - what is the true terror haunting Paris?

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