A heated argument with his boyfriend Adam sends Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane tumbling down a well, only to awaken in Altea, a magical land threatened by the Galra Empire. Here, he encounters Keith, a brooding half-daemon bound by a past betrayal. Together, they must protect a mysterious crystal and defend Altea, all while Shiro grapples with newfound love and purpose.

[COMPLETED] Young and disillusioned, Nicole Fischer decided a long time ago that she wanted to take a break from dating. Exasperated with the wait after two years, her sister, Andrea, forcibly sets her up with a friend. Nicole has no choice but to humour her sister and so, goes on the date, only to have it end abruptly. When she meets her date again in a cemetery while fighting an angry ghoul, they suddenly find themselves in a corridor of doom - aka, the Netherworld... which isn't actually a very bad place for someone craving alone-time like Nicole. There are only two choices: either embrace love or be stuck in the Netherworld forever. Nicole has to make the choice. What will she choose?

[bXb] Henry falls madly in love with his new boss, Edward. Henry is an old vampire working in management for a small journal in 1984 New York when he finds out his new boss is an old friend rebirthed from the 1700's. Edward wants to become an immortal so bad that he resorts to seducing Henry until he breaks and turns him. Henry's familiar is also rebirthed since her death in 1920, and is now his guardian angel, helping him navigate his feelings of love in a fast-paced New York life.

In a world of division where one kind is gifted with charms known as Cards and the other is not. Where one is able to fully appreciate the richness and beauty of life and the other is deprived of such joys. Where one holds the power to manipulate the world and those around them, and the other has become mere carrion for the birds littering the ground in a garish shade of scarlet. * * Every person in Younria has a blank canvas inked on their wrist upon birth. Blanks, they are called. When the imprint of a Card has manifested within one’s canvas, their status changes to that of a Holder. When they’ve passed the age of seven and the canvas is still vacant, they are Unmarked—a rank considered the epitome of failure, something Holders emphasise relentlessly. Help the Unmarked as a Holder and you’ll become Discarded. To challenge how things stand is to invite death. Ivy Yishük was born ungifted. She’s forced to face a world of intolerance, until one day, when she decides enough is enough. She flees her death-dealing kingdom, only to return five years later to finish what should have ended eons ago. With the guidance of her mentor, the young woman has prudently devised a scheme aimed at giving her people a life that was unjustly stripped from them. She’s prepared to tear herself apart piece by piece just to see it through, but how can she possibly achieve such an enormous feat when millions of Holders are demanding her head?

Nicolás Velez is done with casual sex. Listen, yes, he might've fucked everyone in his flat within the first week of living in halls and had a respectable run on Grindr, but what eighteen-year-old wouldn't? He's almost twenty-four now, though, and sleeping with people who won't remember his name five minutes later is, as his best mate would say, "not cute, baby girl". Problem: Nikki sucks at dating. In his defence, he really is trying his best. He even read dating advice to the eighth page of Google! (Would've read further too, but the suggestions started sounding more appropriate for the search "how to kidnap a woman?" so he reckoned it the time to quit.) Despite the effort, Nikki is about as successful on dates as Charlie Hides was on Drag Race: difficult to watch and definitely overstaying his welcome. Josephine Rawlins is all about casual sex. After the end of a seven-year relationship, Joe packs up the wreckage of her life in London and seeks new scenery in Manchester. Best way to get over someone is to get under someone new and Joe is ready for the slag phase she didn't have at uni. Problem: Every time someone makes flirtatious eye contact across a respectable distance of six yards, she freaks out. Solution: Practice together. **** PANSEXUAL MAN x BISEXUAL WOMAN ROMANCE TROPES: friends with benefits, workplace romance, mutual pining COMP TITLES: Entergalactic, Take A Hint Dani Brown

Death was once something I feared, an illusion that brought darkness with it, but now I plead for its mercy in this time that survivors have come to call, The New Order. ••• It was only a cough to began with, something so simple, it had happened a thousand times before, but with in a few days it was so much more then just a mere cough, it become lethal, and it spread like wildfire. Twenty year old, Naseria Friedelinde never thought she would be alive to see the world that she grew up with, collapse right before her very eyes, but on the 22rd of August, that was the new harsh reality that she was unexpectedly thrust into, along with her fourteen year old sister, Eliana. They didn't know how or why the virus had spread and affected everyone they once knew, but Naseria knew that she needed to get her sister as far away from the other people as quickly as possible. But being stuck in the middle of the city was going to make that a tricky situation to get around. And it didn't help that the virus turned its victims into something else, something they couldn't just run or hide from, something that craved chaos, a creature that sort out death.

Darian's life-plan is crystal-clear to him. Rank as highly as a basketball recruit nationally for his class. Get himself a full-ride scholarship and spend 1-2 years polishing his game. Get drafted in the NBA. Taste the glory. Yearn for more. The game is him, Darian believes. He knows. It is where he can catapult himself off the ground in a singular, awe-striking moment of defiance against gravity. Probe flyness to the highest. The point where he is free and aim for it again and again. And again. For Darian learned early on that life's got its teeth bared at him. So he taught himself to bare them back. Raw. Incisive. Filed them in order to draw blood. He is boiling rage. With the smell of burnt flesh under his skin. He does not whine. He does not complain. He hollers and slashes and claws his way out. Even if it leaves him starved out. Even if he tells himself he has no need for any of it - anything. Lessons in Landing is a young adult MxM queer-tinged coming-of-age novel, featuring as mainly a bildungsroman centered around its main protagonist and the (un)(re)doing of his ties with family, friends, past/present/future loves, and himself.

They said it would be a relaxing week in the woods with friends. Graham thought returning home for the first time in eight years would be the hardest thing he'd have to do. Surrounded by whispers and gossip, he was more than eager to exchange the quiet a Pennsylvanian town for a luxury cabin in the woods. The group of college students had planned a celebration of sorts to send off two of their friends who would be leaving the continent on a research mission. At least, that's all it was meant to be, until someone went missing. Now, they'll deal with the whispers and shadows of the forest.

The Empyrean country maintains a simple order, one that rewards resource with power. A system that Kilyan Zaitsev and his family have immensely profited from. With the most valued tithe in all of the kingdom, no one sits above. But they have a secret: their wells are running dry. When it goes, so will the power that has kept them safe and away from chaos. Kilyan Zaitsev would do anything to protect his family. A task that becomes increasingly difficult as his curse worsens. Robbed of all options, he engages into a treaty marriage with the prince of their enemy nation. Desperation, chaos, sickness, calamity, and the looming end of the world as he knew it.

Youngbin Lee has been the target of school bullying for long enough, and it has started to chip away his last bit of confidence. But during a fateful meeting with Alex Hill, one of the most notorious and unruly students, Youngbin is offered help; Alex could protect him from bullies tormenting him, if Youngbin returned a favour. And just like that, the two enter a fake dating deal. But the unlikely pair begins to harmonise better than expected, and the closer their set dating deadline is approaching, the more complications arise. ***** mlm/bxb, fake dating, slowburn, fluff and angst, like a lot of angst and also a lot of depression, pining, friends to lovers, two dumbasses and the disaster that is falling in love, or pretending to do so.

Things in Aurora Daphne Dayton Martin's life haven't exactly been glamorous, despite the fact that her father is famous rock star, Knox Dayton. Her parents divorced when Rory was five and her father pretended she didn't exist until several years later. Now Rory has just turned sixteen and her dad has invited her to tag along with him and his band, Aserol, in America. Rory's mom isn't comfortable with that but reluctantly agrees. While on the tour, Rory actually gets close to her unorthodox rock star father and falls in love with a young, new music star, Coco Bellmy, who's touring with her father's band. Things get crazy and Rory ends up being torn between her present life and a possible future life. WARNING THIS STORY DEALS WITH STRONG LANGUAGE, DRUG USE, ALCOHOLISM AND SEXUAL CONTENT.

Following the death of his brother, Drew's parents leave him to his own devices. Unable to cope and incapable of grieving alone, Drew is turning invisible. Forced to relocate for spring break, he stumbles over what could be his salvation in the woods behind his grandfather's house. For Aiden, his former childhood crush that's arrived back is now all sorts of weird. But before he can decide if it's good weird, he's unwillingly pulled into a plan to help Drew keep a secret-one that would put him at odds with his own parents. ©Copyright 2019 S J James

[A queer retelling of Romeo and Juliet set in modern day California.] Tate Parker and Alex Benitez are sworn enemies, but it's not a battle line they've drawn. As the sons of warring co-workers, the pair are destined to be at odds by association. With this comes inherited rumors and social stigmas that each is desperate to break. But when the opportunity arises, their newfound kinship threatens one's redemption by putting them in a situation where the rumor about them might become true. And for the other, he must choose which to sacrifice in the court of public opinion, his father or friend? Both come at the risk of driving their families to the brink of war. PS - Nobody has to die at the end. Yay. ©Copyright 2023 S J James

For what reason does one wake up every day? People had always thought the life of ISAAC RUIZ couldn't be more perfect. Everything he wanted, he would get with his money and influence. What anyone didn't know was his real motivation to keep on living -- something that was silly for others, but a salvation for him. For office employee FLORENCE VILLENA, there was no longer any meaning to his existence. Nothing could fill the void he had been experiencing inside him anymore, and he was convinced the world was better off without him in it. At 28 years old, LAURENCE VILLEGAS had a lot of reasons to wish to just sleep forever. Since losing his home and family, the universe had rarely been kind to him. And yet, he chose to survive, time and again, if only for the hope of seeing his life get a little better. On Friday the thirteenth of January 2023, fates began to entangle as Laurence died, Florence killed himself, and Isaac lost his reason to live. Nine months after the incidents, a new dawn fell upon those three lives when a dead man's soul reawakened in someone else's body. Set in a fictional Asian City called Perlientas. Mature topics: deaths, including self-killing (actual scene not depicted), mental health and other social issues

Kolo's life didn't end when the masked hunter caught her. It began anew. He was a disciple of the lost Iron God, whose power once kept the world alive. Now, she is too. With the whisper of this strange god in her heart and everyone looking to her for a miracle, she could build a new world...or a new hell.

The gates of Hell have been opened, and now the Beasts spill forth. THE REINCARNTED SOUL Ira Rule can't stop dying. It's not his fault. All mortals die. The only oddity is that he keeps coming back. He's appeared again, determined to kill the Greater Demon that got him in this mess. THE CURSED BOY Melchior Brisbane expects to die. The smell of his blood attracts monsters. The prophecy he was raised for requires his sacrifice. The odds aren't on his side--and the Beasts coming from Hell have caught his scent. THE THIRD PRINCE of Hell Beelzebub has been hearing rumors. Someone has torn a gate into the barrier between Earth and Hell, and for some reason, the Progeny suspects him. But if he didn't do it, who did? The Soul, The Cursed, The Prince, The Gate; and The Prophecy that ties them all together.

Lost, without hope and without family, Austin's life turns upside down when he learns that magical creatures, especially werewolves exist after he sells himself to one of them is his mate, Jason, hesitant, he starts a new life with him but things get dangerous when he starts to learn more about himself.

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