Assassination partners (and roommates) Daisuke Toshiaki and Kenzo Orochi suddenly find themselves with the most difficult mission of them all: caring for a 11-year old child and her six siblings. Can they balance on the knife's edge of childcare and bringing home the bacon, or will the happiness they might find as a hodgepodge family completely out of reach?

Things in Aurora Daphne Dayton Martin's life haven't exactly been glamorous, despite the fact that her father is famous rock star, Knox Dayton. Her parents divorced when Rory was five and her father pretended she didn't exist until several years later. Now Rory has just turned sixteen and her dad has invited her to tag along with him and his band, Aserol, in America. Rory's mom isn't comfortable with that but reluctantly agrees. While on the tour, Rory actually gets close to her unorthodox rock star father and falls in love with a young, new music star, Coco Bellmy, who's touring with her father's band. Things get crazy and Rory ends up being torn between her present life and a possible future life. WARNING THIS STORY DEALS WITH STRONG LANGUAGE, DRUG USE, ALCOHOLISM AND SEXUAL CONTENT.

[A queer retelling of Romeo and Juliet set in modern day California.] Tate Parker and Alex Benitez are sworn enemies, but it's not a battle line they've drawn. As the sons of warring co-workers, the pair are destined to be at odds by association. With this comes inherited rumors and social stigmas that each is desperate to break. But when the opportunity arises, their newfound kinship threatens one's redemption by putting them in a situation where the rumor about them might become true. And for the other, he must choose which to sacrifice in the court of public opinion, his father or friend? Both come at the risk of driving their families to the brink of war. PS - Nobody has to die at the end. Yay. ยฉCopyright 2023 S J James

Ten years have passed since the demise of Banastre, and the Yuen Pack thrives under the leadership of the dictator's benevolent stepson, Oscar Yuen. With a flourishing community and accumulation of wealth, the Yuen Pack has become second only to the Alpha King. However, deep within the pack, there lies an overbearing fear. Despite being kind and attempting to amend his stepfather's past, Oscar always feels like he's living in the shadow of the monster. No matter what he does, he's always Banastre's son. When a murder occurs at the Pack Borders, killing two humans, Oscar is forced to seek help from the nearby, human-inhabited town of Bourdier, led by Mayor Lance Dafowick and home to many anti-werewolf settlers. Among those include Ananya Kaushikh, a disabled recruit for the police department. With her sunny attitude and optimism, she's a stark contrast to Oscar, though he's inexplicably drawn to her. As their feelings blossom amidst a world where werewolves and humans are meant to live separate lives, the murderer continues to run rampant through Bourdier, threatening the lives of many, but also inviting an underlying danger, one that had laid dormant for many years. Oscar and Ananya are forced to navigate their feelings through the return of their demons. Will they succeed in freeing themselves from the shadows they'd left behind? Will humans and werewolves make amends? Cover by AnnamitaMuscaria on Wattpad!

Meera Rajput knows what she needs in life, and a boyfriend isn't one of them. Between struggling to pay rent and reining her sex-crazed little sister, Meera doesn't need any more complications in her life. So when her visiting cousin, Riya, suggests that a chance interview with billionaire Ezra Agent can lead to something more, Meera pays no heed to her teasing, knowing that her relationship with Ezra will never pass professional lines. She can blush and dream about it all she wants, but there's no way that her dream will ever be a reality... Or so she thinks. When a chance interaction at her graduation brings Meera to the realization that Ezra is undoubtedly interested in her, she's not sure what to think. He's rich, handsome, and the kindest man that she's ever met, but falling in love with Ezra brings back Meera's physical insecurities, as well as other issues. Without Riya's support, Meera finds herself getting strangled with the daily tasks of a new graduate. Add in a new family member, a lawsuit, and a death, can Meera lift her head and face the new challenges? Or will she hide from them, just as she's always had, and lose the one good thing that's ever happened to her?

In music, we find solace. We find strength. Our voices soar. "Our heart song is the voice you hear inside, who you truly are." - from the movie 'Happy Feet.' In stories, we find escape. We find dreams. Our minds soar. "Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and other dreams." - Neil Gaiman. Each of the following stories, varying between fairy tale, fantasy, and drama, is based on and inspired by the music and lyrics of the wonderful upcoming Belgian symphonic metal band Worlds Beyond. Do not expect a happy ending on all of these, for that is not in my nature.

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