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After failing her education program and losing her factory job, Moragen is running low on options. Hoping to get away from her debt and the shadowy man following her, she signs up to join the hivemind army that defends the city of Ratheme. As a hivemind soldier, she can let someone else take control. But there’s something wrong with Moragen’s link to the hive. She’d be happy to ignore it, if there weren’t also something off about the war with the Nemerites. And secrets among her teammates. And something seriously wrong with the captain controlling them. Investigation leads to the shocking revelation that the enemy is not what they seem, and that humanity is in more danger than anyone could have imagined. But if Moragen’s team can’t learn to trust one another, no one will be able to stop what’s coming.

Her final gift will save lives... What would you do if you found out you were going to die? For seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Reid, this isn't hypothetical. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, her world comes crashing down around her. Now, she's faced with a question that no teenager should have to answer. How do you make your mark on a world you're about to leave behind? Refusing to go quietly, Elizabeth races against the clock, determined to create a legacy that will outlive her. Her goal? One final act to save lives, even as her own ends. But with time running out, can Elizabeth achieve something truly remarkable before it's too late?

Darian's life-plan is crystal-clear to him. Rank as highly as a basketball recruit nationally for his class. Get himself a full-ride scholarship and spend 1-2 years polishing his game. Get drafted in the NBA. Taste the glory. Yearn for more. The game is him, Darian believes. He knows. It is where he can catapult himself off the ground in a singular, awe-striking moment of defiance against gravity. Probe flyness to the highest. The point where he is free and aim for it again and again. And again. For Darian learned early on that life's got its teeth bared at him. So he taught himself to bare them back. Raw. Incisive. Filed them in order to draw blood. He is boiling rage. With the smell of burnt flesh under his skin. He does not whine. He does not complain. He hollers and slashes and claws his way out. Even if it leaves him starved out. Even if he tells himself he has no need for any of it - anything. Lessons in Landing is a young adult MxM queer-tinged coming-of-age novel, featuring as mainly a bildungsroman centered around its main protagonist and the (un)(re)doing of his ties with family, friends, past/present/future loves, and himself.

Jonathan Hendrix is your typical high-school nerd. Very creative, loves military history, and has a massive Lego Star Wars and army men collection. He's smart, detailed, and organized. However, he's also insecure due to his skinny frame and his status as a 'nice guy' in the hierarchy of high school social norms. All of that changes one day. While our fearless nerd is celebrating surviving another day of high school, the spaceships of the Hoo-Meerian Matchmaking Empire appear in Earth's skies. Massive blue teleportation beams are fired from their warships, separating the young from the old into Matchvilles, and Jonathan is put next to Helen Grant. Who is this fair maiden? Well, his crush! Will Jonathan be able to adapt and survive being in such close proximity to the girl he admires? More importantly, will he able to rise up and find a way to free his planet from the cringey rom-com-style tyranny of the Hoo-Meerians?

First in Series: Atlee, a headstrong eighteen-year-old resident of a tranquil beach town, is armed with her red Chucks and Grateful Dead T-shirt and is ready to take on the world. With school out for the summer, she's determined to make the most of it by watching local bands, notching up life experiences, and documenting the highs and lows of her brother's amateur basement band, The Dead Prophets, in preparation for her future ambition as a music journalist. When The Dead Prophets are granted an opportunity that could make or break them—a gig at the biggest music festival three hundred miles away, Atlee must confront her fear of flying to be part of this seminal moment or face an even greater fear—being left behind. © Copyright S J James 2023

In late spring, a tornado sweeps through the idyllic mining town of Paradise, Texas. On the same day, seventeen-year-old Cindy Ackerman doesn't arrive home. As the mystery over her whereabouts deepens, Nick Brennan's curiosity for the girl from his school morphs into obsession. Why can't they find her? How far is Nick willing to go to help? What if each new clue points towards him? And if he knows more about the night Cindy never came home, why can't he remember? Everyone has a story. One has a secret. Copyright 2020 S J James

Following the death of his brother, Drew's parents leave him to his own devices. Unable to cope and incapable of grieving alone, Drew is turning invisible. Forced to relocate for spring break, he stumbles over what could be his salvation in the woods behind his grandfather's house. For Aiden, his former childhood crush that's arrived back is now all sorts of weird. But before he can decide if it's good weird, he's unwillingly pulled into a plan to help Drew keep a secret-one that would put him at odds with his own parents. ©Copyright 2019 S J James

Adrian's headed for a collision. He doesn't know when; he just knows that he is. With his father ill and his mother devout at his hospital bedside, Adrian is left navigating the world of grief, microwave meals, and first love alone. The sole person who makes him forget is Heather, his childhood crush who is eternally drifting away. When Adrian initiates a dare-to-be-great-moment, although criminal, he holds hope it may just keep her in his life a little longer. ©Copyright 2021 S J James

Welcome to Seacrest, where the residents have an average height of six-feet-why-are-we-still-counting inches. In this town, wolves howl in the dark of the woods every night, singing their songs of love and loss. Enter Alex Kavanaugh. She's your average teenager who is definitely not emo anymore (survey says that was a LIE), so what happens when her shopaholic mom from hell remarries and moves her to the small town where things are not so normal? The residents treat her like she's special when she's obviously an alien cosplaying a normal teenager, her four year old stepsister is obsessed with wolves and her illegally attractive jerk of a step brother hates her because he thinks she's a gold-digger, or a witch- or both. To top it all off she's started to fantasize about kissing him, a whole lot! Meanwhile her best friend Karma is left in Satin Ridge to figure out why her little sister Kaitlyn was so obsessed with the school's resident fuckboy, Ashton Fuller and even though she already has a boyfriend, she starts to develop an unhealthy obsession of her own in the form of Tyler Parish, the emo boy she never noticed—who rudely squeezes himself into the picture. The rumors say that Tyler is an undead vampire and the more Karma notices him, the more she wants to find out if those rumors are true. Besides, it couldn't hurt to go on one totally platonic date with your friendly neighborhood vampire. Right?

Derrick Mason's passion has been basketball for as long as he can remember, but as a high school senior, he's only ranked three stars and his dreams of playing proper minutes at a higher level are in jeopardy. Or so it seemed. After being invited to Mr. Preston's Invitational where the highest-ranked and most promising high schoolers attend a basketball tournament camp, Derrick sees a golden opportunity to get on the college radar. However, piling a talented team of strangers together creates complications. Who would've thought? It's up to him as the point guard to build chemistry and win some games, all while not being too distracted by an interesting female reporter who's caught his eye. So much for three-star difficulty.

What happens when the school's popular yet bad boy gets paired up with the school's outcast. The girl who's father is the town's preacher. The girl who doesn't cuss or party. The school's obedient yet smart girl. Will they figure out who the other one truly is under their masks? Will they form a friendship? Will they form a relationship? Or when the assignment is complete, go their separate ways like they never spent the last semester together almost every day. Katie Adler lives in a small town called Florence. The town has roughly three hundred people. Katie is the school 'freak' as everyone calls her. Her father is the town's only preacher. That alone makes her a freak to everyone at school. She doesn't have any friends which again makes her the freak. She never skips school, always has great grades, never back talks teachers, doesn't cause any problems; which again makes her the freak of the school. She's the perfect good girl. But, she holds a very dark secret. Only her father and God knows what it is. Hayden Huxley is the school's popular yet bad boy. He's always causing trouble wherever he goes. He skips almost all his classes. He fights with anyone, bullies who ever his heart desires. His grades are slipping semester by semester. But, when he does one mistake, he ends up paired with Katie on a project. The project lasts the whole semester and both their grades depend on his performance. How will these two manage to communicate without lashing out?

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