Ten years have passed since the demise of Banastre, and the Yuen Pack thrives under the leadership of the dictator's benevolent stepson, Oscar Yuen. With a flourishing community and accumulation of wealth, the Yuen Pack has become second only to the Alpha King. However, deep within the pack, there lies an overbearing fear. Despite being kind and attempting to amend his stepfather's past, Oscar always feels like he's living in the shadow of the monster. No matter what he does, he's always Banastre's son. When a murder occurs at the Pack Borders, killing two humans, Oscar is forced to seek help from the nearby, human-inhabited town of Bourdier, led by Mayor Lance Dafowick and home to many anti-werewolf settlers. Among those include Ananya Kaushikh, a disabled recruit for the police department. With her sunny attitude and optimism, she's a stark contrast to Oscar, though he's inexplicably drawn to her. As their feelings blossom amidst a world where werewolves and humans are meant to live separate lives, the murderer continues to run rampant through Bourdier, threatening the lives of many, but also inviting an underlying danger, one that had laid dormant for many years. Oscar and Ananya are forced to navigate their feelings through the return of their demons. Will they succeed in freeing themselves from the shadows they'd left behind? Will humans and werewolves make amends? Cover by AnnamitaMuscaria on Wattpad!

Welcome to Seacrest, where the residents have an average height of six-feet-why-are-we-still-counting inches. In this town, wolves howl in the dark of the woods every night, singing their songs of love and loss. Enter Alex Kavanaugh. She's your average teenager who is definitely not emo anymore (survey says that was a LIE), so what happens when her shopaholic mom from hell remarries and moves her to the small town where things are not so normal? The residents treat her like she's special when she's obviously an alien cosplaying a normal teenager, her four year old stepsister is obsessed with wolves and her illegally attractive jerk of a step brother hates her because he thinks she's a gold-digger, or a witch- or both. To top it all off she's started to fantasize about kissing him, a whole lot! Meanwhile her best friend Karma is left in Satin Ridge to figure out why her little sister Kaitlyn was so obsessed with the school's resident fuckboy, Ashton Fuller and even though she already has a boyfriend, she starts to develop an unhealthy obsession of her own in the form of Tyler Parish, the emo boy she never noticed—who rudely squeezes himself into the picture. The rumors say that Tyler is an undead vampire and the more Karma notices him, the more she wants to find out if those rumors are true. Besides, it couldn't hurt to go on one totally platonic date with your friendly neighborhood vampire. Right?

“I don't want a mate,” I said, my heart aching as I lied to my soulmate. Zak’s eyes gleaned dangerously as he took a step forward, trapping me in his powerful embrace in one fluid motion. My pulse quickened, my face flush against his chest. “Liar,” he murmured, his voice a deep rumble. —--- Ashley Diamante is an Omega with a dark secret and an even darker past. After her abilities were stripped from her by the Royal Lycans in fear of her dangerous powers, she went into hiding from her old pack, struggling to live day by day for the sole purpose of revenge against the Royals. Her carefully laid plans are shattered when her pack Alpha's rebellious son pursues her as a mate. Desperate to not get tangled in pack politics once more, Ashley flees– only to find herself trapped in the clutches of the powerful Alpha Superior Zakariya Frost. Now bound to this dominant Alpha Lycan as her mate, Ashley has only one path left to regain her power; seduce Zakariya and use his status for her long-awaited revenge. Once her schemes are complete, she'll disappear from his life forever. But the dangerous Alpha has no intentions of letting his new mate escape so easily. Filled with high-stakes vengeance, smoldering romance, and aching betrayals, this intense tale of a Lycan follows one woman's fight to regain her power at any cost. *Updates Twice Daily*

Lost, without hope and without family, Austin's life turns upside down when he learns that magical creatures, especially werewolves exist after he sells himself to one of them is his mate, Jason, hesitant, he starts a new life with him but things get dangerous when he starts to learn more about himself.

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