The TWIN Sister Book to Ambys 🏆 2023 Winner HereAfter Dark © censored to comply with the new Wattpad Standards. Winner of the 2023 Amby's 🏆 Best Mystery/Thriller Novel CARTER CHEVAL, the Anchor and lead investigative journalist on the After Dark TV program has everything to live for now, having won the love of his life LAYLA, yet finds himself dead in the HereAfter. Gunned down in a seemingly senseless shooting, he is shown a movie of his life on Earth which is all a lie. He enlists the help of a ghostly figure, TEACHER, to try and save his friends and family from a similar fate. So Carter, a ghost on a mission, from the HereAfter must use the information from his life movie to disentangle the web of lies surrounding his life and death. He must try to exact his revenge, and save his family and friends before the protection of Vatican Secrets results in them all prematurely joining him in the afterlife. His only chance to stop these evil forces is to get his recently revealed biological father, PETER, now a high priest and Keeper of Secrets in the Vatican, to kill for him. However, this seemingly impossible task becomes easier after an epic spirit battle between them. The possibility of Carter’s spirit being stuck in his father's body wasn't exactly part of the plan to make his father ultimately pay for any part he played in the conspiracy and perhaps even in Carter's own murder.

A short story continuation about what really happened to Alice…

A delicate mix of 50% main character suffering and 50% scenic descriptions of landscapes and fantasy creatures. Sapphire is a young storm elf. She is living in exile from the elven ​kingdom with her parents, in the southern desert. One day, a mercenary shows up and forcefully takes her back to the capital of the Frost Elven Empire. Originally a story based on some NPC's of a DND campaign. I wrote an old version of this story for NaNoWriMo 2022, but I decided to rewrite it from scratch. 

Angelica is an introvert who enjoys spending time alone, but she doesn't like being alone at night. Since she was fifteen, she has been plagued by nightmares that seem to be connected to crimes in her city. Despite her parents taking her to see a psychologist many times, the nightmares persist. ✷✷✷ Meanwhile, a dedicated young detective named Adam has been transferred to a small town where a killer is on the loose. While conducting his investigation, he encountered a peculiar college girl who confided in him about things she had never shared with anyone before. Will Angelica discover how her nightmares are connected to the crimes, and will Adam succeed in locating the killer? What will happen when two divergent worlds come together?

"What If You Don't Know Your Secret?" In the gripping thriller, "Anna's Secret," a 17-year-old girl named Anna, her calm life becomes fearful when a strange person enters her world. Anna gets annoyed with him following her around and she soon discovers that he keeps a secret about her which can shake her world. At the same time, heartbreaking murders begin across the city. An FBI agent named Michael is engaged, endeavouring to catch the person responsible for these crimes, but he doesn't know his investigation might be related to the mystery surrounding Anna. As days go by, Anna's reality becomes confusing, making her doubt her feelings. Is she just imagining the things the stranger said, or are they true? And could her secrets be linked to the terrible events in the city? Anna digs deeper into the mysteries surrounding her, and the lines between truth and lies, sanity and confusion, start to blur. She faces many dangers on her journey, making her wonder about everything she thought she knew about herself and her past. In "Anna's Secret," things are not what they seem, and reality is always being put to the test. This thrilling story will keep readers on the edge of their seats, making them question what they believe about truth and the secret things that shape our lives.

Arkham, late 1983. Everyone knew deep down that Arkham was cursed, but no one would say it out loud. There was the occasional disappearance, murder, and the 'animal' sightings. But it was not frequent so most people wouldn't think about it much. Under Arkham the last threshold starts to fail, allowing more beings to cross through at once. Soon the town is in a bloodbath all-out war. Father Seymour has been preparing his life for this moment and prays that it's not too late. Calling on Jonathan, an old friend, and Iris Wilson, a mysterious woman who showed up claiming she wanted to help. Can they save Arkham before it fails? Or is it too late? New chapter every Monday!

The New World has been the last peaceful and resourceful country for nearly two hundred years. Or at least that's what they say. Samantha Ivory has been living a boring average life in an old town with lots of history. That is, until the news of a carnival coming to town ignites new excitement. This carnival promises a night of fun for everyone. There are games, promising rewards, and food that no one has ever seen or tasted before. But what if this carnival isn't what it seems to be? And who are these people that have come into her town? Can Sam figure it out before it's too late, or will she get stuck playing a game she never wanted to play?

When Iolla Kecky makes water levitate during a Chemistry lesson, her innocent life as a student is smashed into smithereens. Unbeknownst to her, she was experimented on as a child, and it's related to her unusual eye colours. To make matters worse, not only was the successful result of the experiment leaked, there is a bounty of 5 million dollars for the capture of all seemingly random five teenagers who took the dose, in order to remove the cell from their bodies and sell it at a black market auction. The only way to save themselves is if they all work together. Except not everyone is on board, and a dangerous enemy is picking them off. The only person who can help them is the person that did this to them to begin with. If they don't, their powers will get out of control, and they risk assassins around the world acquiring their powers and using it to cause chaos. Turns out, ending up as stew in the black market is only the tip of the iceberg.

Trapped in the cursed confines of Willow Manor, a group of friends finds themselves thrust into a nightmarish journey across time and space. Emily, Sarah, Michael, Olivia, Thomas, Daniel, and Rachel must unravel the mysteries of the manor and confront malevolent forces from the past to secure their freedom. As they navigate through different eras, they uncover dark secrets, face terrifying entities, and forge unexpected alliances. With time running out and danger lurking at every turn, they must rely on their friendship and courage to break the curse that binds them to Willow Manor before it's too late. Will they uncover the truth and find a way back to their own time, or will they be forever trapped in the darkness of Willow Manor?

Sarah Kennedy's life has fallen to pieces. Her family is broken, she's growing apart from her only friend, and it's been a while since she's stopped dreaming about anything better. She embarks on a trip to Latin America, joining a retreat she hopes will mend her dwindling friendship and escape her miserable day-to-day life. Bad turns to worse, and her hopes are shattered when she is kidnapped by a cartel. While her life is miraculously spared, she's kept captive by a daunting and narcissistic drug lord, Pablo. As his obsession with her grows, so do his favors and promises. Sarah soon finds herself in a gilded cage, living a life more lavish than anything she's ever imagined. But all that glitters isn't gold, and this luxury has a price. If Sarah wants to escape the violent, treacherous, and cocaine-fueled world of cartels, she'll have to fight the demons that keep her captive, as well as the monsters in her head, armed with nothing but a dry sense of humor and a fragile strength. But as she and Pablo both know- it's a long journey home when you don't have any home to go to.

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