Her final gift will save lives... What would you do if you found out you were going to die? For seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Reid, this isn't hypothetical. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, her world comes crashing down around her. Now, she's faced with a question that no teenager should have to answer. How do you make your mark on a world you're about to leave behind? Refusing to go quietly, Elizabeth races against the clock, determined to create a legacy that will outlive her. Her goal? One final act to save lives, even as her own ends. But with time running out, can Elizabeth achieve something truly remarkable before it's too late?

Summer Lumen has always been a perfectionist. She's had straight As all four years of high school, is President of the student council, and has never missed a single day of school. Top of her class, Summer has already begun writing her valedictorian speech for her high school graduation in just under two years. But when her estranged father dies of a drug overdose, her therapist mother insists she take a week off to "process her emotions". Summer is frustrated to lose her perfect attendance record, but when she finds out that the week off cost her the number one spot in the class, she's furious. And who took her place? None other than Baker Scott, the mysterious high school football star who has no friends and always seems to be sporting a black eye. Summer, who isn't much of a sports fan, didn't even know he existed until she found out he replaced her as top of the class. Now she has to regain her position, which can only mean one thing: the war has begun, and Baker Scott is the enemy. This is a game Summer is sure she's going to win. The only problem? While Summer is playing the game of war, Baker is playing the game of love. And it doesn't take long before Summer is playing right along with him. There's a fine line between love and hate, and Summer is about to find out how fine that line actually is.

[bXb] Henry falls madly in love with his new boss, Edward. Henry is an old vampire working in management for a small journal in 1984 New York when he finds out his new boss is an old friend rebirthed from the 1700's. Edward wants to become an immortal so bad that he resorts to seducing Henry until he breaks and turns him. Henry's familiar is also rebirthed since her death in 1920, and is now his guardian angel, helping him navigate his feelings of love in a fast-paced New York life.

In a world of division where one kind is gifted with charms known as Cards and the other is not. Where one is able to fully appreciate the richness and beauty of life and the other is deprived of such joys. Where one holds the power to manipulate the world and those around them, and the other has become mere carrion for the birds littering the ground in a garish shade of scarlet. * * Every person in Younria has a blank canvas inked on their wrist upon birth. Blanks, they are called. When the imprint of a Card has manifested within one’s canvas, their status changes to that of a Holder. When they’ve passed the age of seven and the canvas is still vacant, they are Unmarked—a rank considered the epitome of failure, something Holders emphasise relentlessly. Help the Unmarked as a Holder and you’ll become Discarded. To challenge how things stand is to invite death. Ivy Yishük was born ungifted. She’s forced to face a world of intolerance, until one day, when she decides enough is enough. She flees her death-dealing kingdom, only to return five years later to finish what should have ended eons ago. With the guidance of her mentor, the young woman has prudently devised a scheme aimed at giving her people a life that was unjustly stripped from them. She’s prepared to tear herself apart piece by piece just to see it through, but how can she possibly achieve such an enormous feat when millions of Holders are demanding her head?

Nicolás Velez is done with casual sex. Listen, yes, he might've fucked everyone in his flat within the first week of living in halls and had a respectable run on Grindr, but what eighteen-year-old wouldn't? He's almost twenty-four now, though, and sleeping with people who won't remember his name five minutes later is, as his best mate would say, "not cute, baby girl". Problem: Nikki sucks at dating. In his defence, he really is trying his best. He even read dating advice to the eighth page of Google! (Would've read further too, but the suggestions started sounding more appropriate for the search "how to kidnap a woman?" so he reckoned it the time to quit.) Despite the effort, Nikki is about as successful on dates as Charlie Hides was on Drag Race: difficult to watch and definitely overstaying his welcome. Josephine Rawlins is all about casual sex. After the end of a seven-year relationship, Joe packs up the wreckage of her life in London and seeks new scenery in Manchester. Best way to get over someone is to get under someone new and Joe is ready for the slag phase she didn't have at uni. Problem: Every time someone makes flirtatious eye contact across a respectable distance of six yards, she freaks out. Solution: Practice together. **** PANSEXUAL MAN x BISEXUAL WOMAN ROMANCE TROPES: friends with benefits, workplace romance, mutual pining COMP TITLES: Entergalactic, Take A Hint Dani Brown

Darian's life-plan is crystal-clear to him. Rank as highly as a basketball recruit nationally for his class. Get himself a full-ride scholarship and spend 1-2 years polishing his game. Get drafted in the NBA. Taste the glory. Yearn for more. The game is him, Darian believes. He knows. It is where he can catapult himself off the ground in a singular, awe-striking moment of defiance against gravity. Probe flyness to the highest. The point where he is free and aim for it again and again. And again. For Darian learned early on that life's got its teeth bared at him. So he taught himself to bare them back. Raw. Incisive. Filed them in order to draw blood. He is boiling rage. With the smell of burnt flesh under his skin. He does not whine. He does not complain. He hollers and slashes and claws his way out. Even if it leaves him starved out. Even if he tells himself he has no need for any of it - anything. Lessons in Landing is a young adult MxM queer-tinged coming-of-age novel, featuring as mainly a bildungsroman centered around its main protagonist and the (un)(re)doing of his ties with family, friends, past/present/future loves, and himself.

The Empyrean country maintains a simple order, one that rewards resource with power. A system that Kilyan Zaitsev and his family have immensely profited from. With the most valued tithe in all of the kingdom, no one sits above. But they have a secret: their wells are running dry. When it goes, so will the power that has kept them safe and away from chaos. Kilyan Zaitsev would do anything to protect his family. A task that becomes increasingly difficult as his curse worsens. Robbed of all options, he engages into a treaty marriage with the prince of their enemy nation. Desperation, chaos, sickness, calamity, and the looming end of the world as he knew it.

Angelica is an introvert who enjoys spending time alone, but she doesn't like being alone at night. Since she was fifteen, she has been plagued by nightmares that seem to be connected to crimes in her city. Despite her parents taking her to see a psychologist many times, the nightmares persist. ✷✷✷ Meanwhile, a dedicated young detective named Adam has been transferred to a small town where a killer is on the loose. While conducting his investigation, he encountered a peculiar college girl who confided in him about things she had never shared with anyone before. Will Angelica discover how her nightmares are connected to the crimes, and will Adam succeed in locating the killer? What will happen when two divergent worlds come together?

Jonathan Hendrix is your typical high-school nerd. Very creative, loves military history, and has a massive Lego Star Wars and army men collection. He's smart, detailed, and organized. However, he's also insecure due to his skinny frame and his status as a 'nice guy' in the hierarchy of high school social norms. All of that changes one day. While our fearless nerd is celebrating surviving another day of high school, the spaceships of the Hoo-Meerian Matchmaking Empire appear in Earth's skies. Massive blue teleportation beams are fired from their warships, separating the young from the old into Matchvilles, and Jonathan is put next to Helen Grant. Who is this fair maiden? Well, his crush! Will Jonathan be able to adapt and survive being in such close proximity to the girl he admires? More importantly, will he able to rise up and find a way to free his planet from the cringey rom-com-style tyranny of the Hoo-Meerians?

Emersyn Collins is coming home. It's been four years since 19-year-old Emersyn has been back to her hometown of Coupeville, Washington. Four years since her grandma got sick, and she was forced to move in with her estranged mother in the city. Four years since she's seen her best friends. Four years since she's shared a meal with her Uncle Kiel. Armed with nothing but a bag brimming with clothes, art supplies, and a heartfelt letter from her grandmother bequeathing her the house she grew up in, Emersyn finds herself at a crossroads, uncertain about her future as she returns to her past. But everything changes when she crosses paths with Zeke Thatcher, an enigmatic stranger with his own quest on the island: to locate his father's grave and uncover a hidden connection to a family he never knew. For reasons Emersyn can't quite understand herself, she feels the need to help him. Before long, her days are spent obsessing over the charismatically distant stranger who seems to be struggling not to fall in love with her. And her nights are devoted to the images of gravestones as she tries to translate her new obsession onto blank canvases with the strokes of acrylic paints. But unbeknownst to Emersyn, Zeke is on a deadline to find that familial link. The clock is ticking, and if they can't uncover it before time slips away, they risk losing much more than a summer romance.

20 years ago, the angels decided to show themselves and carried out God's Judgement Day. After the war between the two species, humans were kept as pets and servants to the angels. Under this new order of society, Kye - a normal human girl, who just wanted to survive her day-to-day and take care of her family, faced new employment and feelings toward her angel boss. Things were not very simple, yet she could manage. Until Kye's adoptive sister convinced her to get involved in a mission. (Cover made by me with the help of WOMBO Dream+Canva) *All Supernatural characters belong to CW. Originally posted on AO3 under ChewieTheHouseElf username. Thank you all to those who have been reading up until this point. This is an alternative universe fanfiction that doesn't require knowledge of the show Supernatural to enjoy it. I wrote it in 2020 after the show ended. This is my very first writing project anywhere so the pacing, word choices, and grammar have a lot of room to improve.

How long is a lifetime? To Luc, it is eternal. Endless and excruciatingly meaningless. His existence on Earth serves as a punishment for the sins he has committed. Immortality is his shackle. It would forever be that way if Luc didn't stumble upon Aida, a young girl who is kidnapped from her motherland and sold as a slave. Luc's impulsive decision to take her home turns his world upside down and brings him something Luc would never expect... *This story is original fiction with Luc as the main character, set in an alternative Victorian era. It is intended to be the prequel/spin-off to 'Until The End Of Time', where Luc played a major part toward the end. Slavery is depicted but not the focal point. Cover made by me with the help of WOMBO Dream+Canva I appreciate every read, vote, and comment!

** Could an undying love blossom in the ruins of a shattered world? ** 4th cycle anno Bellum. The Second World War, which drove humanity to the abyss, has not only left death and destruction in its wake but has also opened the door to another reality. When the situation threatens to tip over, German cultists resort to desperate measures: They use a magical artifact that changes the fate of all humanity. It ripped the veil to Thule apart and revealed the realm of myths and legends. Beings that once only existed in the tales of the ancients now rule the world. In the ruins of the old times and an emerging new society with mighty rulers, the so-called Vaesen, the few survivors fight desperately for their existence while the remaining Cultists of the Thule Society work secretly to seal the world's fate once more. But amid chaos and despair, hope also arises. A Shapeshifter driven by revenge and an enforcer of the Strigoi who harbors secrets of her own becomes caught up in the intrigue. Together, they embark on a hunt that could decide whether the world remains the same or undergoes another bloody transformation. In a storm of attraction, prejudice, and magic, Zane and Myreille must not only sort out their feelings and overcome the hostile Vaesen's entanglements but also fight against the impending doom that threatens to devour the last lives.

Second in Series: One year after her childhood crush departed for college, Atlee has buried the past and set it on metaphorical fire. She is finally looking forward to a carefree summer. Breaking her heart was never part of Fenton's plan. All he wanted was a new life in a new town, protecting her from witnessing the tragedy unfolding in his. But when the song he wrote about their relationship tips his college band toward potential stardom, he owes it to tell her how he felt before the music does it for him.

First in Series: Atlee, a headstrong eighteen-year-old resident of a tranquil beach town, is armed with her red Chucks and Grateful Dead T-shirt and is ready to take on the world. With school out for the summer, she's determined to make the most of it by watching local bands, notching up life experiences, and documenting the highs and lows of her brother's amateur basement band, The Dead Prophets, in preparation for her future ambition as a music journalist. When The Dead Prophets are granted an opportunity that could make or break them—a gig at the biggest music festival three hundred miles away, Atlee must confront her fear of flying to be part of this seminal moment or face an even greater fear—being left behind. © Copyright S J James 2023

Youngbin Lee has been the target of school bullying for long enough, and it has started to chip away his last bit of confidence. But during a fateful meeting with Alex Hill, one of the most notorious and unruly students, Youngbin is offered help; Alex could protect him from bullies tormenting him, if Youngbin returned a favour. And just like that, the two enter a fake dating deal. But the unlikely pair begins to harmonise better than expected, and the closer their set dating deadline is approaching, the more complications arise. ***** mlm/bxb, fake dating, slowburn, fluff and angst, like a lot of angst and also a lot of depression, pining, friends to lovers, two dumbasses and the disaster that is falling in love, or pretending to do so.

An alluring physique, innocence that draws the beasts of desire in; A one-of-a-kind flower that blossoms through the soil blanketed with snow and stained with crimson. She is the predator and they are her prey. Blood and tears mixed on her face because there was no escaping this perilous fate.

Adrian's headed for a collision. He doesn't know when; he just knows that he is. With his father ill and his mother devout at his hospital bedside, Adrian is left navigating the world of grief, microwave meals, and first love alone. The sole person who makes him forget is Heather, his childhood crush who is eternally drifting away. When Adrian initiates a dare-to-be-great-moment, although criminal, he holds hope it may just keep her in his life a little longer. ©Copyright 2021 S J James

[A queer retelling of Romeo and Juliet set in modern day California.] Tate Parker and Alex Benitez are sworn enemies, but it's not a battle line they've drawn. As the sons of warring co-workers, the pair are destined to be at odds by association. With this comes inherited rumors and social stigmas that each is desperate to break. But when the opportunity arises, their newfound kinship threatens one's redemption by putting them in a situation where the rumor about them might become true. And for the other, he must choose which to sacrifice in the court of public opinion, his father or friend? Both come at the risk of driving their families to the brink of war. PS - Nobody has to die at the end. Yay. ©Copyright 2023 S J James

LIBERALITY    HUMILITY    KINDNESS     ABSTINENCE    CHASTITY     PATIENCE    DILIGENCE         The Seven Contrary Virtues. Each one protects us from a specific Deadly Sin. Together they save Mankind from damnation, dispelling the evil our sinning wreaks.         In the Age of Enlightenment, Mankind has discovered Genius. With two simple tests, not only can a person find out if they are a Genius, but they also will be told what they're a Genius at. Sometimes though, the first test results in a 'false positive,' where it can't be determined what kind of Genius the person is. These people are called Dots and, through some strange twist of fate, all the world hates Dots.         Hank is one such loser Dot, but others disagree. They think he's their Savior. An insidious battle is ensuing and, through a series of seven Light Novels, Hank assembles his Apostles--ardent followers who believe in him, and propel him towards his destiny.         He had better hurry. Bad Guys have a use for what they know Dots can do, and they'll stop at nothing to achieve their goal, even if it means killing millions of innocent people.         This doesn't concern Hank one bit. He'll cause the death of billions.         He has no other choice.         Read DOTS now, and find out how Hank somehow saves the world.

My little book of poetry that mainly resonates with events in my life and just random poems too.

Ten years have passed since the demise of Banastre, and the Yuen Pack thrives under the leadership of the dictator's benevolent stepson, Oscar Yuen. With a flourishing community and accumulation of wealth, the Yuen Pack has become second only to the Alpha King. However, deep within the pack, there lies an overbearing fear. Despite being kind and attempting to amend his stepfather's past, Oscar always feels like he's living in the shadow of the monster. No matter what he does, he's always Banastre's son. When a murder occurs at the Pack Borders, killing two humans, Oscar is forced to seek help from the nearby, human-inhabited town of Bourdier, led by Mayor Lance Dafowick and home to many anti-werewolf settlers. Among those include Ananya Kaushikh, a disabled recruit for the police department. With her sunny attitude and optimism, she's a stark contrast to Oscar, though he's inexplicably drawn to her. As their feelings blossom amidst a world where werewolves and humans are meant to live separate lives, the murderer continues to run rampant through Bourdier, threatening the lives of many, but also inviting an underlying danger, one that had laid dormant for many years. Oscar and Ananya are forced to navigate their feelings through the return of their demons. Will they succeed in freeing themselves from the shadows they'd left behind? Will humans and werewolves make amends? Cover by AnnamitaMuscaria on Wattpad!

I have no memories of my mother. When I was little, I'd have dreams about her. But, unfortunately, I cannot remember much of the dreams anymore. My father doesn't talk about her, it's as if, even after all this time, the grief is still consuming him. Lost in his own grief, he locked away every trace of her & refused to speak of her with anyone. Because I had so few memories of her, I used to ask him about the woman we had both lost, but the old pain would simply overwhelm him anew and the last thing I wanted to do is hurt him any further, so I stopped asking. That was until a year ago, when I was searching the attic for treasure when I found a portrait of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. My Mother. Her snow white skin, her blonde, almost a white platinum hair, her smile that seemed to light up the world around her, & my own blue eyes that reflected back at me. Now her face haunts my dreams. I knew that if my father saw it, he would hide it away, just like how he hides everything else. It feels like everything in my life is a secret. My mother, even my own relatives, this house that I was born in. But what scares me isn't the voices I hear at night when I'm trying to sleep. The faint whispers, calling out to me, calling for me. It's not even the feeling of eyes on me at all times, it's not even that my father doesn't believe me. What scares me is the notes I've started finding. - Aisha Stay tuned for a thrilling tale of Mystery, Vengeance, & Tragedy.

“I don't want a mate,” I said, my heart aching as I lied to my soulmate. Zak’s eyes gleaned dangerously as he took a step forward, trapping me in his powerful embrace in one fluid motion. My pulse quickened, my face flush against his chest. “Liar,” he murmured, his voice a deep rumble. —--- Ashley Diamante is an Omega with a dark secret and an even darker past. After her abilities were stripped from her by the Royal Lycans in fear of her dangerous powers, she went into hiding from her old pack, struggling to live day by day for the sole purpose of revenge against the Royals. Her carefully laid plans are shattered when her pack Alpha's rebellious son pursues her as a mate. Desperate to not get tangled in pack politics once more, Ashley flees– only to find herself trapped in the clutches of the powerful Alpha Superior Zakariya Frost. Now bound to this dominant Alpha Lycan as her mate, Ashley has only one path left to regain her power; seduce Zakariya and use his status for her long-awaited revenge. Once her schemes are complete, she'll disappear from his life forever. But the dangerous Alpha has no intentions of letting his new mate escape so easily. Filled with high-stakes vengeance, smoldering romance, and aching betrayals, this intense tale of a Lycan follows one woman's fight to regain her power at any cost. *Updates Twice Daily*

book cover

In a covert facility, Dr. Einar Fiske oversees experiments involving a mysterious chip implanted in a boy. As curious eyes within the facility seek to uncover the chip's secrets, one observer's fascination with the boy hints at a deeper, unspoken intrigue. That intrigue will end up being his problem that he never knew existed, until she walked in into that bar. Her world crumbled, the foundations of her beliefs fading away as she discovered a reality hidden in plain sight all along. The once-boy, now a man, is determined to rescue his mentor, his creator, at any cost. Forcing the girl to assist him, he begins to question not only his purpose but also the training that shaped him. An adventure lies ahead, laden with challenges waiting to be faced. However, as they embark on their quest for truth, can they overcome the hurdles that stand in their way? While he relentlessly pursues his mentor, she reluctantly seeks the truth, both entwined in an unforeseen adventure that will test them.

In the wake of her husband's mysterious demise, journalist Sara Dutch embarks on a relentless quest for truth, aided by her steadfast colleague, Rayan. As they delve deep into the shadows of deception, their journey becomes a perilous dance with danger. Amidst the shattered promises of a life cut short, Sara discovers fragments of Leon's secret past, hidden like pieces of a fractured puzzle waiting to be assembled. With every revelation, the line between the living and the departed blurs, and she must confront the remnants of her once-secure reality, where the past and present converge in a delicate dance of fate. Prepare to be captivated by a tale where secrets linger in the whispers of the dead, and the answer to one question may unlock a universe of enigma: Do you believe in ghosts?

Meera Rajput knows what she needs in life, and a boyfriend isn't one of them. Between struggling to pay rent and reining her sex-crazed little sister, Meera doesn't need any more complications in her life. So when her visiting cousin, Riya, suggests that a chance interview with billionaire Ezra Agent can lead to something more, Meera pays no heed to her teasing, knowing that her relationship with Ezra will never pass professional lines. She can blush and dream about it all she wants, but there's no way that her dream will ever be a reality... Or so she thinks. When a chance interaction at her graduation brings Meera to the realization that Ezra is undoubtedly interested in her, she's not sure what to think. He's rich, handsome, and the kindest man that she's ever met, but falling in love with Ezra brings back Meera's physical insecurities, as well as other issues. Without Riya's support, Meera finds herself getting strangled with the daily tasks of a new graduate. Add in a new family member, a lawsuit, and a death, can Meera lift her head and face the new challenges? Or will she hide from them, just as she's always had, and lose the one good thing that's ever happened to her?

This story is about Bella, a freshman at Oakwood university full of hope to start a new life full of excitement till she meets Lacy, the calm and shy boy who will change her life to Hell. The story follow her and how she deals with the situations that gets thrown to her by the people she met.

For what reason does one wake up every day? People had always thought the life of ISAAC RUIZ couldn't be more perfect. Everything he wanted, he would get with his money and influence. What anyone didn't know was his real motivation to keep on living -- something that was silly for others, but a salvation for him. For office employee FLORENCE VILLENA, there was no longer any meaning to his existence. Nothing could fill the void he had been experiencing inside him anymore, and he was convinced the world was better off without him in it. At 28 years old, LAURENCE VILLEGAS had a lot of reasons to wish to just sleep forever. Since losing his home and family, the universe had rarely been kind to him. And yet, he chose to survive, time and again, if only for the hope of seeing his life get a little better. On Friday the thirteenth of January 2023, fates began to entangle as Laurence died, Florence killed himself, and Isaac lost his reason to live. Nine months after the incidents, a new dawn fell upon those three lives when a dead man's soul reawakened in someone else's body. Set in a fictional Asian City called Perlientas. Mature topics: deaths, including self-killing (actual scene not depicted), mental health and other social issues

Esme feared one thing: being captured as a thief by the city's guardsmen and executed for her crimes. Her worry was so ingrained that she increased her risks by being distracted in the middle of a heist. That's when she runs into Althalos Fourthborn: Inner Circle Guardsman, one of the many princes of the realm, an Aelif (Dark Elf, local dialect)...and her betrothed by treaty. (That was something her almost human mind could not handle.) She calls off the heist, gets demoted into a far more risky job, learns the true bitter depth of what this treaty's bond is like, and lands safely by her prince's side....sort of. There were people who still wanted her dead, even if she was in what most people would call a Happily Ever After. That and her prince had his own living fears that were gnawing at any chance they had. And with her old fear in the past, she might just lose her mind from everyday tedium. But the one she couldn't wrap her all-too human mind around was that she would one day grow wings and fly away from her almost Happily Ever After to live in a hive with ancestors more alien than a hottie with pointed ears and abandonment issues. ~~~ This story is dedicated to my mother. Grappling with her death pushed me into writing, and this is the first results of that grief.

Conjure a demon to catch a killer? That's Appalachian witch Ellie's last remaining hope to solve a two year old cold case that haunts her nightmares. She's still grieving her late fiancé, but the few Boone residents that don't think she killed him herself have given up on finding the murderer. Kazerin, on the other hand, is not prepared for what awaits him when he answers Ellie's request. He's used to bargaining for lust or power, not closure, and he's a little nervous about what feelings stir up the longer he's around Ellie. Their feelings only entangle further the longer that Kaz stays in town, pretending to be Ellie's new fiancé as a cover for investigating the murder. Follow Ellie and Kaz in an alternate history where Others-- demons, vampires, angels, shifters, and many more beings-- roam the earth, magic is alive and burning bright, and blood runs deeper than just our ancestry. BLOOD BARGAIN is Book #1 in the Appalachian Magic companion book series. Each story can be read as a standalone, but some characters and locations recur.

The Goddess of Youth learns that trusting a Trickster comes at a heavy price. *** To be the Goddess of Eternal Youth is to be the most important among the Aesir. But it can sometimes be a tedious existence. Enticed by her friend, the Trickster-God Loki, Iduna dares to leave the Realm of Asgard and descends to Midgard, where only mortals dwell. She arrives amidst preparations of a spectacular feast and is drawn into the merriment. Then, she meets the mysterious and charming Thomas. He is unlike anyone she has ever met before, and is overwhelmed by him. Yet, as the last stroke of midnight nears, she realizes that Thomas may not at all be as he appears. ©2022 Lorraine Tramain. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic methods, without the author's prior written permission. This book can only be found on Kerning until further notice.

A most unlikely pair is matched by the Queen of the Faeries. Can their love stop the strife that holds fair Verona in its grasp and keep the shadow of Death at bay? *** Two households both alike in dignity. In fair Verona, where we lay our scene. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. From forth the fatal loins of these two foes a pair of star-crossed lovers are ripped from mortal life. 'Tis not the tale of Romeo and Juliet I tell to thee. For another pair of hearts weigh equally as heavy in strife and sorrow, if not more. One, determined to protect his fair cousin and House Capulet, the other, swept away by princely duty yet bound by friendship with House Montague. In the space betwixt, they meet where none exist but them. Where none know the love they bear for one another. Alas, love alone cannot save them. Mayhaps the mischievous sprite and fairy Queen who opened their hearts upon a Midsummer's night can. Yet Death lurks. And her song beckons more than one ill-fated heart.

Alena Fleur has her dream job. Smart, confident, beautiful—she was everything. She was the COO of the Storm Dynamics. But only one particular problem, or more like a person, made her life hell, and that person was her rude boss, Elian Storm. Elian Storm, the CEO of the Storm Dynamics, kept a dark aura around him all the time; as if someone stabbed his heart and he could never move on. Everyone feared him, except his COO, who ended up earning a special spot in his heart despite their regular bickering. However, one unfortunate night revealed Elian’s side business to Alena. How would Alena handle herself after learning the boss she used to argue with was actually a ruthless mafia leader in the underworld?

What happens when the school's popular yet bad boy gets paired up with the school's outcast. The girl who's father is the town's preacher. The girl who doesn't cuss or party. The school's obedient yet smart girl. Will they figure out who the other one truly is under their masks? Will they form a friendship? Will they form a relationship? Or when the assignment is complete, go their separate ways like they never spent the last semester together almost every day. Katie Adler lives in a small town called Florence. The town has roughly three hundred people. Katie is the school 'freak' as everyone calls her. Her father is the town's only preacher. That alone makes her a freak to everyone at school. She doesn't have any friends which again makes her the freak. She never skips school, always has great grades, never back talks teachers, doesn't cause any problems; which again makes her the freak of the school. She's the perfect good girl. But, she holds a very dark secret. Only her father and God knows what it is. Hayden Huxley is the school's popular yet bad boy. He's always causing trouble wherever he goes. He skips almost all his classes. He fights with anyone, bullies who ever his heart desires. His grades are slipping semester by semester. But, when he does one mistake, he ends up paired with Katie on a project. The project lasts the whole semester and both their grades depend on his performance. How will these two manage to communicate without lashing out?

Sarah Kennedy's life has fallen to pieces. Her family is broken, she's growing apart from her only friend, and it's been a while since she's stopped dreaming about anything better. She embarks on a trip to Latin America, joining a retreat she hopes will mend her dwindling friendship and escape her miserable day-to-day life. Bad turns to worse, and her hopes are shattered when she is kidnapped by a cartel. While her life is miraculously spared, she's kept captive by a daunting and narcissistic drug lord, Pablo. As his obsession with her grows, so do his favors and promises. Sarah soon finds herself in a gilded cage, living a life more lavish than anything she's ever imagined. But all that glitters isn't gold, and this luxury has a price. If Sarah wants to escape the violent, treacherous, and cocaine-fueled world of cartels, she'll have to fight the demons that keep her captive, as well as the monsters in her head, armed with nothing but a dry sense of humor and a fragile strength. But as she and Pablo both know- it's a long journey home when you don't have any home to go to.

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