A heated argument with his boyfriend Adam sends Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane tumbling down a well, only to awaken in Altea, a magical land threatened by the Galra Empire. Here, he encounters Keith, a brooding half-daemon bound by a past betrayal. Together, they must protect a mysterious crystal and defend Altea, all while Shiro grapples with newfound love and purpose.

After failing her education program and losing her factory job, Moragen is running low on options. Hoping to get away from her debt and the shadowy man following her, she signs up to join the hivemind army that defends the city of Ratheme. As a hivemind soldier, she can let someone else take control. But there’s something wrong with Moragen’s link to the hive. She’d be happy to ignore it, if there weren’t also something off about the war with the Nemerites. And secrets among her teammates. And something seriously wrong with the captain controlling them. Investigation leads to the shocking revelation that the enemy is not what they seem, and that humanity is in more danger than anyone could have imagined. But if Moragen’s team can’t learn to trust one another, no one will be able to stop what’s coming.

Assassination partners (and roommates) Daisuke Toshiaki and Kenzo Orochi suddenly find themselves with the most difficult mission of them all: caring for a 11-year old child and her six siblings. Can they balance on the knife's edge of childcare and bringing home the bacon, or will the happiness they might find as a hodgepodge family completely out of reach?

Death was once something I feared, an illusion that brought darkness with it, but now I plead for its mercy in this time that survivors have come to call, The New Order. ••• It was only a cough to began with, something so simple, it had happened a thousand times before, but with in a few days it was so much more then just a mere cough, it become lethal, and it spread like wildfire. Twenty year old, Naseria Friedelinde never thought she would be alive to see the world that she grew up with, collapse right before her very eyes, but on the 22rd of August, that was the new harsh reality that she was unexpectedly thrust into, along with her fourteen year old sister, Eliana. They didn't know how or why the virus had spread and affected everyone they once knew, but Naseria knew that she needed to get her sister as far away from the other people as quickly as possible. But being stuck in the middle of the city was going to make that a tricky situation to get around. And it didn't help that the virus turned its victims into something else, something they couldn't just run or hide from, something that craved chaos, a creature that sort out death.

A delicate mix of 50% main character suffering and 50% scenic descriptions of landscapes and fantasy creatures. Sapphire is a young storm elf. She is living in exile from the elven ​kingdom with her parents, in the southern desert. One day, a mercenary shows up and forcefully takes her back to the capital of the Frost Elven Empire. Originally a story based on some NPC's of a DND campaign. I wrote an old version of this story for NaNoWriMo 2022, but I decided to rewrite it from scratch. 

A man seeking his fortune, a woman driven from her own home. Two legends lost in time and space. One lady who dreams of her love, one soldier who fights for a kingdom lost. Three prophecies to rule them all. Young Light alchemist Yor Castel sets off on a journey to seek knowledge around the world. He encounters a young runaway in danger, tied to the awakening of an ancient evil. In just a day, Elmeida Yuri, heir to the Dark tribe of Sahara, loses her entire family. She escapes a gruesome death and her only hope lies in a small island-country far away from home, where she meets a promising young man. But her refuge is short-lived and soon, she has no place to hide. With the Master of Darkness raising his head after decades, prophecy demands Light and Darkness work together to save the world. The ones who first defeated him are now too weak; it's up to the new mages to step up and fulfil the role set by the prophecy. *** Book 1 of The Sahara Chronicles. Sample only. Available in full on Amazon.

The Wildlands are as harsh as they are unpredictable. Kerrin always considered herself to be a simple woman. She wanted nothing more than a peaceful life among the trees of her family’s orchards, surrounded by the blissful solitude of the Bloodborne Plains. But peace is a fleeting thing — fragile and easily shattered. When the dangers of the plains come too close to home, Kerrin has no choice but to place her family’s safety above her own desires and secure a place within the borders of the nearby kingdom of Tarith. After a host of bandits raid the caravan she’s traveling with and make off with a valuable artifact, a group of mercenaries offer her an opportunity she can’t refuse. She only has to identify the bandits who made off with the artifact and help deliver it to Tarith. But there are greater dangers in the plains than bandits and the odd orc tribe, and Kerrin finds the unsettling myths of the Bloodborne Plains have more truths to them than she ever realized. _____________________ Unrevised | First Draft

20 years ago, the angels decided to show themselves and carried out God's Judgement Day. After the war between the two species, humans were kept as pets and servants to the angels. Under this new order of society, Kye - a normal human girl, who just wanted to survive her day-to-day and take care of her family, faced new employment and feelings toward her angel boss. Things were not very simple, yet she could manage. Until Kye's adoptive sister convinced her to get involved in a mission. (Cover made by me with the help of WOMBO Dream+Canva) *All Supernatural characters belong to CW. Originally posted on AO3 under ChewieTheHouseElf username. Thank you all to those who have been reading up until this point. This is an alternative universe fanfiction that doesn't require knowledge of the show Supernatural to enjoy it. I wrote it in 2020 after the show ended. This is my very first writing project anywhere so the pacing, word choices, and grammar have a lot of room to improve.

Iris's brother has done a stupid, stupid thing by challenging a shadewalker from the Veil family to a game of Creznen Roulette. Unfortunately, he won. Now, the shadewalker's older sister is demanding Iris's life in retribution. In desperation, Iris's father has gone to Adrian Colt, another shadewalker, begging him to protect his family. Adrian has agreed, but the price is that Iris must marry his son. Iris, however, has no intention of being married off - even if it is for her own protection. Rated Moderate for language, violence, and disturbing themes. Special thanks to @plutointhestars from Wattpad for the gorgeous cover art! Please note: an unedited version of this story is also available on Wattpad. I will be uploading chapters to Kerning as they are edited.

The ruins of an ancient citadel have been discovered, and with it, rumors of a powerful artifact lie hidden inside. Numerous groups have sent adventurers to search for the artifact, but none have returned. Zenkoh a Gnoll, a humanoid hyena-like creature, and Maria the Catfolk, a catlike creature that walks upright, have been adventuring together for nearly a year. Both of them have done something they regret in their past and travel around as adventurers helping others to try to make up for what they did. This is made difficult for Zenkoh as most of the other races see Gnolls as nothing more than savage beasts, causing others to eye her warily and treat her with caution whenever she comes near a settlement. This is due to most of the other Gnoll clans being openly hostile to the non-Gnoll races. During all of her time adventuring Zenkoh has had worries that there isn't any way for her to change how the other races view Gnolls as a whole. Join Zenkoh and Maria in an adventure across the land of Gnossalia while they go on an adventure you won't want to put down.

LIBERALITY    HUMILITY    KINDNESS     ABSTINENCE    CHASTITY     PATIENCE    DILIGENCE         The Seven Contrary Virtues. Each one protects us from a specific Deadly Sin. Together they save Mankind from damnation, dispelling the evil our sinning wreaks.         In the Age of Enlightenment, Mankind has discovered Genius. With two simple tests, not only can a person find out if they are a Genius, but they also will be told what they're a Genius at. Sometimes though, the first test results in a 'false positive,' where it can't be determined what kind of Genius the person is. These people are called Dots and, through some strange twist of fate, all the world hates Dots.         Hank is one such loser Dot, but others disagree. They think he's their Savior. An insidious battle is ensuing and, through a series of seven Light Novels, Hank assembles his Apostles--ardent followers who believe in him, and propel him towards his destiny.         He had better hurry. Bad Guys have a use for what they know Dots can do, and they'll stop at nothing to achieve their goal, even if it means killing millions of innocent people.         This doesn't concern Hank one bit. He'll cause the death of billions.         He has no other choice.         Read DOTS now, and find out how Hank somehow saves the world.

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In a covert facility, Dr. Einar Fiske oversees experiments involving a mysterious chip implanted in a boy. As curious eyes within the facility seek to uncover the chip's secrets, one observer's fascination with the boy hints at a deeper, unspoken intrigue. That intrigue will end up being his problem that he never knew existed, until she walked in into that bar. Her world crumbled, the foundations of her beliefs fading away as she discovered a reality hidden in plain sight all along. The once-boy, now a man, is determined to rescue his mentor, his creator, at any cost. Forcing the girl to assist him, he begins to question not only his purpose but also the training that shaped him. An adventure lies ahead, laden with challenges waiting to be faced. However, as they embark on their quest for truth, can they overcome the hurdles that stand in their way? While he relentlessly pursues his mentor, she reluctantly seeks the truth, both entwined in an unforeseen adventure that will test them.

**The fates of a barista, a dancing criminal, and a deadly stranger become tangled in a world where the apocalypse is old news** All Mads Capot wants to do is run her coffee shop in peace and to be able to pay her bills until the next wave of intragalactic tourists arrives. But when a mysterious green-eyed stranger walks into the shop and seems to be the answer to all her problems, she's immediately skeptical. And her instincts have always been good . . . Luc is mysterious and adaptable, a drifter with a dark past and a score to settle with one of the galaxy's most infamous criminals. When he crosses paths with Mads, he inadvertently draws her into a complicated world of outlaws, renegades, and ancient curses existing on the fringe of a destroyed world. Can they put aside their differences to survive, or will they end up as two more nameless corpses? CW: PG13 level violence, language, sexual themes, and vague mentions of past abuse, etc

||Book 1 of the TRIBE Chronicles Series.|| <<At the dawn of retribution, his true legacy begins.>> Traumatized by the events of a tragic past, a young teenager, David Blaze, must find traces of his family murderers. Modred, a powerful sorcerer from the occult called the 'Chaos Force,' tries every means to stop David, aiming to retrieve a relic called the 'Map of Mysteries' and then, silence the latter for good. However, the heated events that unfolds afterward will ultimately set David on a solemn journey to seek what he truly wants.

The gates of Hell have been opened, and now the Beasts spill forth. THE REINCARNTED SOUL Ira Rule can't stop dying. It's not his fault. All mortals die. The only oddity is that he keeps coming back. He's appeared again, determined to kill the Greater Demon that got him in this mess. THE CURSED BOY Melchior Brisbane expects to die. The smell of his blood attracts monsters. The prophecy he was raised for requires his sacrifice. The odds aren't on his side--and the Beasts coming from Hell have caught his scent. THE THIRD PRINCE of Hell Beelzebub has been hearing rumors. Someone has torn a gate into the barrier between Earth and Hell, and for some reason, the Progeny suspects him. But if he didn't do it, who did? The Soul, The Cursed, The Prince, The Gate; and The Prophecy that ties them all together.

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The story of a little dragon...

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