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Welcome, monsters, to the inaugural issue of Notes in the Margins of Nightmares, a zine written/edited by T.L. Bodine. Step inside for a taste of dark fiction, an exploration of horror history, writing advice, and more...

This is a club for people who suffer from some form of anxiety! It can come from anything, whether it be stress, OCD, ADHD, Autism, phobias, etc. or even everyday problems. If you have anxiety or stress, this is the book for you!!! It will be a vent/rant/help book to share experiences in the comments and to find like people and to know you're not alone! Open to advice and suggestions! Cover by @winteringpages- This book is created by me, Ashley Griffith. I own this story, no one has the rights to copy and use the ideas without MY permission. I do not condone people stealing other people's work!

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