Novels are my forte, but variety is the spice of life, after all. This is where I'll dump all my short stories when I feel like combing through my files.

An idle fortune is ripe for the taking. Charlotte “Lottie” Everill is suffocating beneath the demands of high society. She wants nothing more than to finish her novel and live out the rest of her life in peace, but doing so seems impossible when every man in Westral has their sights set on her inheritance — and some aren’t willing to accept refusal. After a botched abduction, Lottie flees into the warren — a massive underground city where death and danger lurk around every corner. Unable to return to the surface, furious and fearing for her life and fortune, she employs Vincent Blythe, a disgraced gunman, to help her uncover the identity of her would-be kidnapper. She only needs a name and enough evidence against them to allow the rule of law to run its course — but she quickly learns it won’t be so simple when all of Westral is waiting to see her fall. Her inheritance could turn a beggar into the richest man in the region, and even those she thought she could trust would stop at nothing to pry it from her grasp. Unedited | Unrevised | First Draft

A heated argument with his boyfriend Adam sends Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane tumbling down a well, only to awaken in Altea, a magical land threatened by the Galra Empire. Here, he encounters Keith, a brooding half-daemon bound by a past betrayal. Together, they must protect a mysterious crystal and defend Altea, all while Shiro grapples with newfound love and purpose.

Assassination partners (and roommates) Daisuke Toshiaki and Kenzo Orochi suddenly find themselves with the most difficult mission of them all: caring for a 11-year old child and her six siblings. Can they balance on the knife's edge of childcare and bringing home the bacon, or will the happiness they might find as a hodgepodge family completely out of reach?

𝐁𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐨𝐟 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐡 𝐟𝐨𝐫. Cassandra "Cassie" Thomas is a nineteen-year-old Cambridge student with a passion for literature and writing. For an assignment, she has to read one of Danielle Miracle's best sellers-The Race for His Heart. However, a dangerous wish transports her into that very novel. After an accident with Princess Verity, she is now one of the candidates in a race for Prince Henry's heart. 𝐄𝐯𝐞𝐧 𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐬 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐛𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐬. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Cover by GirlWithSparkleEye (Wattpad + Insta)

[bXb] Henry falls madly in love with his new boss, Edward. Henry is an old vampire working in management for a small journal in 1984 New York when he finds out his new boss is an old friend rebirthed from the 1700's. Edward wants to become an immortal so bad that he resorts to seducing Henry until he breaks and turns him. Henry's familiar is also rebirthed since her death in 1920, and is now his guardian angel, helping him navigate his feelings of love in a fast-paced New York life.

In a world of division where one kind is gifted with charms known as Cards and the other is not. Where one is able to fully appreciate the richness and beauty of life and the other is deprived of such joys. Where one holds the power to manipulate the world and those around them, and the other has become mere carrion for the birds littering the ground in a garish shade of scarlet. * * Every person in Younria has a blank canvas inked on their wrist upon birth. Blanks, they are called. When the imprint of a Card has manifested within one’s canvas, their status changes to that of a Holder. When they’ve passed the age of seven and the canvas is still vacant, they are Unmarked—a rank considered the epitome of failure, something Holders emphasise relentlessly. Help the Unmarked as a Holder and you’ll become Discarded. To challenge how things stand is to invite death. Ivy Yishük was born ungifted. She’s forced to face a world of intolerance, until one day, when she decides enough is enough. She flees her death-dealing kingdom, only to return five years later to finish what should have ended eons ago. With the guidance of her mentor, the young woman has prudently devised a scheme aimed at giving her people a life that was unjustly stripped from them. She’s prepared to tear herself apart piece by piece just to see it through, but how can she possibly achieve such an enormous feat when millions of Holders are demanding her head?

A delicate mix of 50% main character suffering and 50% scenic descriptions of landscapes and fantasy creatures. Sapphire is a young storm elf. She is living in exile from the elven ​kingdom with her parents, in the southern desert. One day, a mercenary shows up and forcefully takes her back to the capital of the Frost Elven Empire. Originally a story based on some NPC's of a DND campaign. I wrote an old version of this story for NaNoWriMo 2022, but I decided to rewrite it from scratch. 

A man seeking his fortune, a woman driven from her own home. Two legends lost in time and space. One lady who dreams of her love, one soldier who fights for a kingdom lost. Three prophecies to rule them all. Young Light alchemist Yor Castel sets off on a journey to seek knowledge around the world. He encounters a young runaway in danger, tied to the awakening of an ancient evil. In just a day, Elmeida Yuri, heir to the Dark tribe of Sahara, loses her entire family. She escapes a gruesome death and her only hope lies in a small island-country far away from home, where she meets a promising young man. But her refuge is short-lived and soon, she has no place to hide. With the Master of Darkness raising his head after decades, prophecy demands Light and Darkness work together to save the world. The ones who first defeated him are now too weak; it's up to the new mages to step up and fulfil the role set by the prophecy. *** Book 1 of The Sahara Chronicles. Sample only. Available in full on Amazon.

The Empyrean country maintains a simple order, one that rewards resource with power. A system that Kilyan Zaitsev and his family have immensely profited from. With the most valued tithe in all of the kingdom, no one sits above. But they have a secret: their wells are running dry. When it goes, so will the power that has kept them safe and away from chaos. Kilyan Zaitsev would do anything to protect his family. A task that becomes increasingly difficult as his curse worsens. Robbed of all options, he engages into a treaty marriage with the prince of their enemy nation. Desperation, chaos, sickness, calamity, and the looming end of the world as he knew it.

AbHztemia Facility has selected humans to become Successors of the Hztemia world, but at what cost? Through trial and error over the past centuries, only forty-seven Successors have risen. This is a collection of the Successors within the AbHztemia Files- who they are, where they are from, what occurred that made them a Successors, and the possible dangers they pose not only on Earth but to Hztemia itself.

The Wildlands are as harsh as they are unpredictable. Kerrin always considered herself to be a simple woman. She wanted nothing more than a peaceful life among the trees of her family’s orchards, surrounded by the blissful solitude of the Bloodborne Plains. But peace is a fleeting thing — fragile and easily shattered. When the dangers of the plains come too close to home, Kerrin has no choice but to place her family’s safety above her own desires and secure a place within the borders of the nearby kingdom of Tarith. After a host of bandits raid the caravan she’s traveling with and make off with a valuable artifact, a group of mercenaries offer her an opportunity she can’t refuse. She only has to identify the bandits who made off with the artifact and help deliver it to Tarith. But there are greater dangers in the plains than bandits and the odd orc tribe, and Kerrin finds the unsettling myths of the Bloodborne Plains have more truths to them than she ever realized. _____________________ Unrevised | First Draft

There is little she won't do to prove her innocence. Everna had everything she could want in life; a loving family, a stable job, and the relative peace of a small town on the outskirts of the kingdom of Inverness, but peace is a fragile thing so easily shattered. Framed and condemned for the murder of Mayor Arden Ashburn, Everna faces execution for treason. When the mysterious group known as Shadowguard convinces the High Court to forestall her judgment, Everna has one chance to unravel the mystery behind Mayor Ashburn's murder and prove her innocence. All the while, her enemies remain hidden in the shadows and one step ahead of her. What began with a seemingly politically motivated murder quickly becomes a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Everna thought she could handle it, but she soon finds it's not so easy to keep her head up when someone's looking to remove it. _____ Book 1 of the Shadowguard Series Edited | Revised

How long is a lifetime? To Luc, it is eternal. Endless and excruciatingly meaningless. His existence on Earth serves as a punishment for the sins he has committed. Immortality is his shackle. It would forever be that way if Luc didn't stumble upon Aida, a young girl who is kidnapped from her motherland and sold as a slave. Luc's impulsive decision to take her home turns his world upside down and brings him something Luc would never expect... *This story is original fiction with Luc as the main character, set in an alternative Victorian era. It is intended to be the prequel/spin-off to 'Until The End Of Time', where Luc played a major part toward the end. Slavery is depicted but not the focal point. Cover made by me with the help of WOMBO Dream+Canva I appreciate every read, vote, and comment!

Iris's brother has done a stupid, stupid thing by challenging a shadewalker from the Veil family to a game of Creznen Roulette. Unfortunately, he won. Now, the shadewalker's older sister is demanding Iris's life in retribution. In desperation, Iris's father has gone to Adrian Colt, another shadewalker, begging him to protect his family. Adrian has agreed, but the price is that Iris must marry his son. Iris, however, has no intention of being married off - even if it is for her own protection. Rated Moderate for language, violence, and disturbing themes. Special thanks to @plutointhestars from Wattpad for the gorgeous cover art! Please note: an unedited version of this story is also available on Wattpad. I will be uploading chapters to Kerning as they are edited.

my multi featured and most successful book on wattpad is coming to kerning so stay tuned

** Could an undying love blossom in the ruins of a shattered world? ** 4th cycle anno Bellum. The Second World War, which drove humanity to the abyss, has not only left death and destruction in its wake but has also opened the door to another reality. When the situation threatens to tip over, German cultists resort to desperate measures: They use a magical artifact that changes the fate of all humanity. It ripped the veil to Thule apart and revealed the realm of myths and legends. Beings that once only existed in the tales of the ancients now rule the world. In the ruins of the old times and an emerging new society with mighty rulers, the so-called Vaesen, the few survivors fight desperately for their existence while the remaining Cultists of the Thule Society work secretly to seal the world's fate once more. But amid chaos and despair, hope also arises. A Shapeshifter driven by revenge and an enforcer of the Strigoi who harbors secrets of her own becomes caught up in the intrigue. Together, they embark on a hunt that could decide whether the world remains the same or undergoes another bloody transformation. In a storm of attraction, prejudice, and magic, Zane and Myreille must not only sort out their feelings and overcome the hostile Vaesen's entanglements but also fight against the impending doom that threatens to devour the last lives.

A quartet of freshly-graduated mages is tasked with looking after a young prince for the day. While it all sounds simple in the beginning, keeping tabs on the boy in a city filled with the hustle and bustle of a festival turns out to be harder than expected. When a dragon's shadow falls over the merrymaking crowd and the prince is nowhere to be seen, the four friends must do all in their power to find him and save their hides.

The ruins of an ancient citadel have been discovered, and with it, rumors of a powerful artifact lie hidden inside. Numerous groups have sent adventurers to search for the artifact, but none have returned. Zenkoh a Gnoll, a humanoid hyena-like creature, and Maria the Catfolk, a catlike creature that walks upright, have been adventuring together for nearly a year. Both of them have done something they regret in their past and travel around as adventurers helping others to try to make up for what they did. This is made difficult for Zenkoh as most of the other races see Gnolls as nothing more than savage beasts, causing others to eye her warily and treat her with caution whenever she comes near a settlement. This is due to most of the other Gnoll clans being openly hostile to the non-Gnoll races. During all of her time adventuring Zenkoh has had worries that there isn't any way for her to change how the other races view Gnolls as a whole. Join Zenkoh and Maria in an adventure across the land of Gnossalia while they go on an adventure you won't want to put down.

Thorn wants revenge for his brother's near death at the hands of a healer who turned them away. This leads to kidnapping, betrayal, and Kali running for her life. Aside from traditional "this is written by a horror writer" Warnings include; crushed bones, cannibalism, blood, death, an organ-eating moment, and taxidermy mention, this story also features emotional abuse and family trauma so tread with caution

In the heart of Tokyo, tucked away in a narrow alley, lies a mysterious bookstore that appears only to those in need. When Hiroki stumbles upon it, he is drawn into a world of ancient mysteries and mythical Japanese creatures. As Hiroki's senses adjusted to the surreal surroundings, he couldn't shake the feeling that he had stepped into a different realm altogether. The air was alive with whispers, and every rustle of leaves seemed to carry a message meant only for him. There were kitsune with fiery tails and mischievous grins, tanuki with bellies as round as the full moon, yokai and spirits of every shape and size.

The world of Zenshou is vast, and the characters have their own lives outside of their individual stories. Short stories revolving around characters in the world including Kali, Spike, Thorn, and Thistle of The Sorceress's Murderous Companion, and soon to be other stories set in the world. Contains elements of body horror, eco horror, soft moments between characters, eventually a story about a pop up tea shop is in the works.

“I don't want a mate,” I said, my heart aching as I lied to my soulmate. Zak’s eyes gleaned dangerously as he took a step forward, trapping me in his powerful embrace in one fluid motion. My pulse quickened, my face flush against his chest. “Liar,” he murmured, his voice a deep rumble. —--- Ashley Diamante is an Omega with a dark secret and an even darker past. After her abilities were stripped from her by the Royal Lycans in fear of her dangerous powers, she went into hiding from her old pack, struggling to live day by day for the sole purpose of revenge against the Royals. Her carefully laid plans are shattered when her pack Alpha's rebellious son pursues her as a mate. Desperate to not get tangled in pack politics once more, Ashley flees– only to find herself trapped in the clutches of the powerful Alpha Superior Zakariya Frost. Now bound to this dominant Alpha Lycan as her mate, Ashley has only one path left to regain her power; seduce Zakariya and use his status for her long-awaited revenge. Once her schemes are complete, she'll disappear from his life forever. But the dangerous Alpha has no intentions of letting his new mate escape so easily. Filled with high-stakes vengeance, smoldering romance, and aching betrayals, this intense tale of a Lycan follows one woman's fight to regain her power at any cost. *Updates Twice Daily*

**The fates of a barista, a dancing criminal, and a deadly stranger become tangled in a world where the apocalypse is old news** All Mads Capot wants to do is run her coffee shop in peace and to be able to pay her bills until the next wave of intragalactic tourists arrives. But when a mysterious green-eyed stranger walks into the shop and seems to be the answer to all her problems, she's immediately skeptical. And her instincts have always been good . . . Luc is mysterious and adaptable, a drifter with a dark past and a score to settle with one of the galaxy's most infamous criminals. When he crosses paths with Mads, he inadvertently draws her into a complicated world of outlaws, renegades, and ancient curses existing on the fringe of a destroyed world. Can they put aside their differences to survive, or will they end up as two more nameless corpses? CW: PG13 level violence, language, sexual themes, and vague mentions of past abuse, etc

||Book 1 of the TRIBE Chronicles Series.|| <<At the dawn of retribution, his true legacy begins.>> Traumatized by the events of a tragic past, a young teenager, David Blaze, must find traces of his family murderers. Modred, a powerful sorcerer from the occult called the 'Chaos Force,' tries every means to stop David, aiming to retrieve a relic called the 'Map of Mysteries' and then, silence the latter for good. However, the heated events that unfolds afterward will ultimately set David on a solemn journey to seek what he truly wants.

Esme feared one thing: being captured as a thief by the city's guardsmen and executed for her crimes. Her worry was so ingrained that she increased her risks by being distracted in the middle of a heist. That's when she runs into Althalos Fourthborn: Inner Circle Guardsman, one of the many princes of the realm, an Aelif (Dark Elf, local dialect)...and her betrothed by treaty. (That was something her almost human mind could not handle.) She calls off the heist, gets demoted into a far more risky job, learns the true bitter depth of what this treaty's bond is like, and lands safely by her prince's side....sort of. There were people who still wanted her dead, even if she was in what most people would call a Happily Ever After. That and her prince had his own living fears that were gnawing at any chance they had. And with her old fear in the past, she might just lose her mind from everyday tedium. But the one she couldn't wrap her all-too human mind around was that she would one day grow wings and fly away from her almost Happily Ever After to live in a hive with ancestors more alien than a hottie with pointed ears and abandonment issues. ~~~ This story is dedicated to my mother. Grappling with her death pushed me into writing, and this is the first results of that grief.

Kolo's life didn't end when the masked hunter caught her. It began anew. He was a disciple of the lost Iron God, whose power once kept the world alive. Now, she is too. With the whisper of this strange god in her heart and everyone looking to her for a miracle, she could build a new world...or a new hell.

The gates of Hell have been opened, and now the Beasts spill forth. THE REINCARNTED SOUL Ira Rule can't stop dying. It's not his fault. All mortals die. The only oddity is that he keeps coming back. He's appeared again, determined to kill the Greater Demon that got him in this mess. THE CURSED BOY Melchior Brisbane expects to die. The smell of his blood attracts monsters. The prophecy he was raised for requires his sacrifice. The odds aren't on his side--and the Beasts coming from Hell have caught his scent. THE THIRD PRINCE of Hell Beelzebub has been hearing rumors. Someone has torn a gate into the barrier between Earth and Hell, and for some reason, the Progeny suspects him. But if he didn't do it, who did? The Soul, The Cursed, The Prince, The Gate; and The Prophecy that ties them all together.

Lost, without hope and without family, Austin's life turns upside down when he learns that magical creatures, especially werewolves exist after he sells himself to one of them is his mate, Jason, hesitant, he starts a new life with him but things get dangerous when he starts to learn more about himself.

In a society where the government rules with an iron fist, a rebellion named the Underworld stepped up to fight against their wrongdoings. After months of raiding, the Underworld found the government's darkest secret; Parasytes. These parasites, dubbed Parasytes, after latching on to a capable host grants the host superhuman-like abilities, though the threat of them completely taking over is a constant possibility. Duoed with these parasytes, the fight against the government began to reach a crescendo, however, with the government endorsing elite superhuman teams of their own and parasyte savvy tech, the battle is yet to be won. Follow Alard, whose family fell victim to the government's system as he seeks vengeance. Will he survive merging with a rare parasyte and end the government's tyranny as an agent of the Underworld? Only one way to find out.

In 2030, a man claimed to have risen from hell and when met with skepticism showed off magical abilities he called the Inquisitor spark. Now, in the year 2060, the world has changed drastically as the decades have progressed and the blessing of the Inquisitor spark is more commonplace. Governments have developed draconian laws and taxes that have left the society impoverished. Thanks to nobles and high-ranking officials blessed with Inquisitor sparks, they are able to rule their people with an iron fist. However, people born with Inquisitor sparks have made robbing banks a sport in response, complete with apps made for financing fans after successful heists. Enter Kian, codenamed Scarlet Hood. He's a B-list robber who focuses on effectiveness and no risk-taking in his heists. So, when he's approached to join a coup designed to bring back stability to the world will he take the risk? Or stay content targeting easy marks?

Conjure a demon to catch a killer? That's Appalachian witch Ellie's last remaining hope to solve a two year old cold case that haunts her nightmares. She's still grieving her late fiancé, but the few Boone residents that don't think she killed him herself have given up on finding the murderer. Kazerin, on the other hand, is not prepared for what awaits him when he answers Ellie's request. He's used to bargaining for lust or power, not closure, and he's a little nervous about what feelings stir up the longer he's around Ellie. Their feelings only entangle further the longer that Kaz stays in town, pretending to be Ellie's new fiancé as a cover for investigating the murder. Follow Ellie and Kaz in an alternate history where Others-- demons, vampires, angels, shifters, and many more beings-- roam the earth, magic is alive and burning bright, and blood runs deeper than just our ancestry. BLOOD BARGAIN is Book #1 in the Appalachian Magic companion book series. Each story can be read as a standalone, but some characters and locations recur.

The Goddess of Youth learns that trusting a Trickster comes at a heavy price. *** To be the Goddess of Eternal Youth is to be the most important among the Aesir. But it can sometimes be a tedious existence. Enticed by her friend, the Trickster-God Loki, Iduna dares to leave the Realm of Asgard and descends to Midgard, where only mortals dwell. She arrives amidst preparations of a spectacular feast and is drawn into the merriment. Then, she meets the mysterious and charming Thomas. He is unlike anyone she has ever met before, and is overwhelmed by him. Yet, as the last stroke of midnight nears, she realizes that Thomas may not at all be as he appears. ©2022 Lorraine Tramain. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic methods, without the author's prior written permission. This book can only be found on Kerning until further notice.

A most unlikely pair is matched by the Queen of the Faeries. Can their love stop the strife that holds fair Verona in its grasp and keep the shadow of Death at bay? *** Two households both alike in dignity. In fair Verona, where we lay our scene. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. From forth the fatal loins of these two foes a pair of star-crossed lovers are ripped from mortal life. 'Tis not the tale of Romeo and Juliet I tell to thee. For another pair of hearts weigh equally as heavy in strife and sorrow, if not more. One, determined to protect his fair cousin and House Capulet, the other, swept away by princely duty yet bound by friendship with House Montague. In the space betwixt, they meet where none exist but them. Where none know the love they bear for one another. Alas, love alone cannot save them. Mayhaps the mischievous sprite and fairy Queen who opened their hearts upon a Midsummer's night can. Yet Death lurks. And her song beckons more than one ill-fated heart.

In music, we find solace. We find strength. Our voices soar. "Our heart song is the voice you hear inside, who you truly are." - from the movie 'Happy Feet.' In stories, we find escape. We find dreams. Our minds soar. "Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and other dreams." - Neil Gaiman. Each of the following stories, varying between fairy tale, fantasy, and drama, is based on and inspired by the music and lyrics of the wonderful upcoming Belgian symphonic metal band Worlds Beyond. Do not expect a happy ending on all of these, for that is not in my nature.

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The story of a little dragon...

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