[COMPLETED] Young and disillusioned, Nicole Fischer decided a long time ago that she wanted to take a break from dating. Exasperated with the wait after two years, her sister, Andrea, forcibly sets her up with a friend. Nicole has no choice but to humour her sister and so, goes on the date, only to have it end abruptly. When she meets her date again in a cemetery while fighting an angry ghoul, they suddenly find themselves in a corridor of doom - aka, the Netherworld... which isn't actually a very bad place for someone craving alone-time like Nicole. There are only two choices: either embrace love or be stuck in the Netherworld forever. Nicole has to make the choice. What will she choose?

Avery Greer is the host of a popular video blog in her hometown of Sahling Massachusetts, where she dives into controversial topics. When Avery gets wind of the local paranormal group, she sets out to expose them as a fake. Nolan Wright is the founder of the Sahling paranormal team. He takes the paranormal very seriously, as does his team. When Avery approaches him, asking to tag along with them, Nolan's first reaction is no. But once he discusses it with his team, they decide to allow it, simply because they want some public exposure. Avery is certain this will be the easiest thing she's ever done. As time goes on, though, she experiences things she can't explain and also slowly begins falling for Nolan. WARNING THIS STORY MENTIONS DEATH, HAS FRIGHTENING IMAGES, TALKS ABOUT DISTURBING TOPICS AND SOME MINOR SEXUAL CONTENT.

The TWIN Sister Book to Ambys πŸ† 2023 Winner HereAfter Dark Β© censored to comply with the new Wattpad Standards. Winner of the 2023 Amby's πŸ† Best Mystery/Thriller Novel CARTER CHEVAL, the Anchor and lead investigative journalist on the After Dark TV program has everything to live for now, having won the love of his life LAYLA, yet finds himself dead in the HereAfter. Gunned down in a seemingly senseless shooting, he is shown a movie of his life on Earth which is all a lie. He enlists the help of a ghostly figure, TEACHER, to try and save his friends and family from a similar fate. So Carter, a ghost on a mission, from the HereAfter must use the information from his life movie to disentangle the web of lies surrounding his life and death. He must try to exact his revenge, and save his family and friends before the protection of Vatican Secrets results in them all prematurely joining him in the afterlife. His only chance to stop these evil forces is to get his recently revealed biological father, PETER, now a high priest and Keeper of Secrets in the Vatican, to kill for him. However, this seemingly impossible task becomes easier after an epic spirit battle between them. The possibility of Carter’s spirit being stuck in his father's body wasn't exactly part of the plan to make his father ultimately pay for any part he played in the conspiracy and perhaps even in Carter's own murder.

They said it would be a relaxing week in the woods with friends. Graham thought returning home for the first time in eight years would be the hardest thing he'd have to do. Surrounded by whispers and gossip, he was more than eager to exchange the quiet a Pennsylvanian town for a luxury cabin in the woods. The group of college students had planned a celebration of sorts to send off two of their friends who would be leaving the continent on a research mission. At least, that's all it was meant to be, until someone went missing. Now, they'll deal with the whispers and shadows of the forest.

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"What If You Don't Know Your Secret?" In the gripping thriller, "Anna's Secret," a 17-year-old girl named Anna, her calm life becomes fearful when a strange person enters her world. Anna gets annoyed with him following her around and she soon discovers that he keeps a secret about her which can shake her world. At the same time, heartbreaking murders begin across the city. An FBI agent named Michael is engaged, endeavouring to catch the person responsible for these crimes, but he doesn't know his investigation might be related to the mystery surrounding Anna. As days go by, Anna's reality becomes confusing, making her doubt her feelings. Is she just imagining the things the stranger said, or are they true? And could her secrets be linked to the terrible events in the city? Anna digs deeper into the mysteries surrounding her, and the lines between truth and lies, sanity and confusion, start to blur. She faces many dangers on her journey, making her wonder about everything she thought she knew about herself and her past. In "Anna's Secret," things are not what they seem, and reality is always being put to the test. This thrilling story will keep readers on the edge of their seats, making them question what they believe about truth and the secret things that shape our lives.

1500 word science fiction story for a competition The story takes characters from the HereAfter Series and twists the Prologue from Book 2 into a Sci Fi short story some elements of which, may or may not make an appearance, down the track, in Book 2.

Plagued by dreams of a place she's never seen, eighteen year old Penelope Jane Smith doesn't understand what's happening to her. Until she and her mother go visit her aunt in the English countryside. As soon as Penelope sees the old manor house, she knows something or someone has invaded her dreams, calling to her subconsciously. There Penelope learns of a dark secret and discovers her psychic abilities to help the very person who needs her the most. WARNING THIS STORY DEALS WITH FRIGHTENING IMAGES AND MENTIONS SUICIDE AND MURDER.

** Could an undying love blossom in the ruins of a shattered world? ** 4th cycle anno Bellum. The Second World War, which drove humanity to the abyss, has not only left death and destruction in its wake but has also opened the door to another reality. When the situation threatens to tip over, German cultists resort to desperate measures: They use a magical artifact that changes the fate of all humanity. It ripped the veil to Thule apart and revealed the realm of myths and legends. Beings that once only existed in the tales of the ancients now rule the world. In the ruins of the old times and an emerging new society with mighty rulers, the so-called Vaesen, the few survivors fight desperately for their existence while the remaining Cultists of the Thule Society work secretly to seal the world's fate once more. But amid chaos and despair, hope also arises. A Shapeshifter driven by revenge and an enforcer of the Strigoi who harbors secrets of her own becomes caught up in the intrigue. Together, they embark on a hunt that could decide whether the world remains the same or undergoes another bloody transformation. In a storm of attraction, prejudice, and magic, Zane and Myreille must not only sort out their feelings and overcome the hostile Vaesen's entanglements but also fight against the impending doom that threatens to devour the last lives.

An alluring physique, innocence that draws the beasts of desire in; A one-of-a-kind flower that blossoms through the soil blanketed with snow and stained with crimson. She is the predator and they are her prey. Blood and tears mixed on her face because there was no escaping this perilous fate.

In the wake of her husband's mysterious demise, journalist Sara Dutch embarks on a relentless quest for truth, aided by her steadfast colleague, Rayan. As they delve deep into the shadows of deception, their journey becomes a perilous dance with danger. Amidst the shattered promises of a life cut short, Sara discovers fragments of Leon's secret past, hidden like pieces of a fractured puzzle waiting to be assembled. With every revelation, the line between the living and the departed blurs, and she must confront the remnants of her once-secure reality, where the past and present converge in a delicate dance of fate. Prepare to be captivated by a tale where secrets linger in the whispers of the dead, and the answer to one question may unlock a universe of enigma: Do you believe in ghosts?

Kolo's life didn't end when the masked hunter caught her. It began anew. He was a disciple of the lost Iron God, whose power once kept the world alive. Now, she is too. With the whisper of this strange god in her heart and everyone looking to her for a miracle, she could build a new world...or a new hell.

Vicar Andrews is avoiding his brother's funeral by hiding upstairs in the family house, rifling through the boxes that will inevitably go to an estate sale, when he discovers a journal far too old to be his brother's. Possessed by curiosity and eagre for the distraction from the guests he's supposed to console, Vicar finds himself lost in the world of the journal's owner, Winn Peterson - a resident at his very house one hundred years ago. As he loses himself in her increasingly disturbing recollection of events within the house, the similarities between their situations grow to an incoincidental degree. The sudden appearance of the doctor in both Winn's life and his late brother's, as well as the rapid decline of their respective states of health, prove a worrying trend in the dark history of the Andrews Estate. Battling the traumatic memories of his own turbulent past, Vicar begins to suspect that the connection between his brother's death and the unfortunate fate of Winn Peterson are tied together by something far more sinister than a suspicious doctor. A story travelling through time, memories, and diary entries

In a society where the government rules with an iron fist, a rebellion named the Underworld stepped up to fight against their wrongdoings. After months of raiding, the Underworld found the government's darkest secret; Parasytes. These parasites, dubbed Parasytes, after latching on to a capable host grants the host superhuman-like abilities, though the threat of them completely taking over is a constant possibility. Duoed with these parasytes, the fight against the government began to reach a crescendo, however, with the government endorsing elite superhuman teams of their own and parasyte savvy tech, the battle is yet to be won. Follow Alard, whose family fell victim to the government's system as he seeks vengeance. Will he survive merging with a rare parasyte and end the government's tyranny as an agent of the Underworld? Only one way to find out.

Everett Donovan and his wife, Dahlia recently suffered a major loss, their baby daughter, Nora died from pneumonia. It's a struggle for all your of them. But their thirteen year old son, Kyle, seems to feel it most of all. Wanting to get away from everything, Everett takes his grief stricken family away for several weeks during the summer to an old, abandoned house. Things seem to start getting better, until one night, Kyle mentions the girl in the house. Neither Everett or Dahlia believe him until they see the girl themselves. Suddenly, strange events start happening, doors opening and closing by themselves. Stuff disappearing and returning in odd places. And sometimes, the girl starts crying because she wants her parents. Everett, Dahlia and Kyle realize that they have to discover the truth of the girl's mysterious death and help her move on. WARNING THIS STORY DEALS WITH INFANT DEATH AND FRIGHTENING IMAGES, CHILD DEATH AND ALCOHOLISM.

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